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Now as in the past, "Staffetta Quotidiana"is a must
for everyone in the world of energy
For who wants to keep up with what’s going on.
For over 80 years, Staffetta Quotidiana has been
in the vanguard of energy information.

Independent and authoritative from the outset, it has always been a sure point of reference for the energy business.
Staffetta Quotidiana publishes more than 10,000 news reports a year and is an essential tool for keeping current with what is happening in the field of energy, thanks to its concise information, comments, and expert analysis, along with accounts of market moves, consumption, statistics, laws, decrees, regulatory agencies’ activities, tenders and events.
The Saturday edition is in magazine format.
News in real time
For all of you who prefer getting your Staffetta Quotidiana news in real time.
The site is brought up to the minute several times daily. Its reports are organized by specific sectors and themes. It is truly a portal for information and documentation concerning all energy sources, in a line developed through time which now constitutes an archive with records of over 120,000 reports since 2000.
Designed for quick and simple consultation, with drop-down menus and
advanced research engines, it is linked to a bookmark system where you can save favorite articles and retrieve them with a click.
Navigation here is adaptable to your specific needs, with the possibility of changing size fonts and printing articles formatted for best legibility.
Daily e-mail record of news reports
Every day you can check current news items by e-mail, and use easy links to read them right away.
Staffetta Rinnovabili
Monthly magazine offering an exhaustive panorama of renewable resources: solar, thermal and photovoltaic, wind, biomass, and geothermal, along with latest technological developments. It brings you news and comments on legislative and regulatory issues interesting to operators in this sector.
Staffetta Gas Liquidi
A monthly dedicated to liquefied gas and petroleum. It contains news reports, price and consumption variations, as well as accounts of business activities, legislative moves, statistics, events, and comments concerning this sector.
Carbone Informazioni
A monthly with news and analysis concerning solid fuels. It reports legislative and regulatory activities affecting this sector, along with statistics and items concerning events of interest.
Other publications

Staffetta Prezzi
Biweekly reserved to subscribers to Staffetta Quotidiana. Through reports of pricing which companies communicate to oil product sellers (gasoline, gasoil, fluid and dense fuel oils) it offers an exclusive series of price indications and trends, organized according to geographical areas for wholesale purchasing of the main products.
Staffetta News
English-language on-line weekly.
It publishes a selection of reports from Staffetta Quotidiana and is dedicated to foreign companies operating in Italy and Italian companies operating abroad.
Staffetta through the years
from... "Rivista Italiana del Petrolio" to... "Staffetta Quotidiana"
1933 - May 31 – Goffredo Cozzi publishes the first issue of the monthly Rivista Italiana del Petrolio. In November, the Ministry of the Corporations (forerunner of today’s Economic Development Ministry) entrusts it with publication of Italy’s first legislation concerning petroleum, the just- approved Law n. 1741 of Nov. 2,1933, and asks that the text be published in Italian and French. The subsequent English translation becomes the official text for interpreting Italian law concerning oil activities throughout the world.
1934 - The "Guida Italiana del Petrolio" is published. This collection of all norms affecting the sector will be continuously updated through the years.
1935 -"Staffetta d'Informazioni Petrolifere" is created as a weekly of the Rivista Italiana del Petrolio.
1973 - "Staffetta” becomes a daily. Energy information has become increasingly necessary and broader. The daily edition begins to deal with energy resources other than oil.
1982 - "Carbone Informazioni", Staffetta concerning solid fuels (monthly).
1992 - "GPL Informazioni", Staffetta for liquefied petroleum gas (monthly).
1993 - "Staffetta Prezzi", quotations from the Italian oil market (biweekly).
1997 -, Staffetta starts her own web site where principal news and articles are weekly published.
1998 - "Staffetta News", English language first monthly than weekly.
2000 - Web site became daily with entire version of Staffetta Quotidiana.
2003 - "Energie Alternative", Staffetta regarding renewable sources (monthly).
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