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02/28/2013 | Environment |

Ies refinery, under investigation for pollution

Ten managers and former executives of the Ies refinery will be tried for atmospheric pollution, according to the daily Gazzetta di Mantova. The first session will be on May 23. The prosecution is accusing Ies of having allowed “emissions of gas, vapors, and smoke such as to offend, dirty, and distur ...

02/28/2013 | Environment |

Ecological vehicles, 120mn until 2015

On March 14, there will be incentives for junking obsolete vehicles and replacing them with less-polluting ones running on electricity, Lpg hybrid, methane, bio-methane and hydrogen. A Jan. 11 decree of the Economic Development Ministry, published in the Feb. 12 Gazzetta Ufficiale, implements norms ...


01/31/2013 | Environment |

Tempa Rossa project, EU investigating violation of Seveso directive

The EU is once again focusing on Taranto: the commission has announced two new investigations of possible violation of the Seveso directive on accident prevention and of EU rules on environmental impact assessments. The investigations follow two petitions concerning the Eni Tempa Rossa project, the ...

01/31/2013 | Environment |

EU, Italy asked to apply energy efficiency rules for buildings

The European Commission has sent Italy a request to apply EU rules to the energy efficiency of buildings. The request is the second step toward opening of a new infraction procedure. Italy has two months to answer before Brussels turns to the European Court of Justice. The rules that have not been a ...

01/17/2013 | Environment |

CO2, the challenge of CCS in Adriatico

“Sibilla”, a facility planned by Independent Gas Management in the region of Marche is the first commercial-scale CO2 storage project to be presented in Italy: a 500mn-euro investment which aims at meeting the demand for carbon dioxide capture in the northeastern part of Italy for the nex ...

01/17/2013 | Environment |

Photovoltaic waste, Yingli joins Cobat

Sharp-tongued response to Ifi on extension of deadline

Yingli Green Energy Italia has joined the national recycling organization Cobat for disposal of used photovoltaic panels.
Fabio Patti, managing director of Yingli Green Energy Italia, took the occasion to respond sharply to the criticism that the Italian photovoltaic producers' association Ifi ...

01/10/2013 | Environment |

A2A, in 2012 Acerra plant at 100% capacity

The Acerra waste-to-energy plant has, for the second year in a row, reached 100% of its productive capacity, “confirming the high standards of efficiency reached”. The announcement comes from A2A which manages the plant in Campania through its subsidiary Partenope Ambiente. The volume treated amount ...

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