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Renewables and Conservation
Oct-Nov-Dec - 2008

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12/23/2008 | Renewables and Conservation |

Kyoto, Albania calls on Italian firms for Cdm

In the context of the Kyoto agreement and particularly of the Cdm (Clean Development Mechanism), Albania is strongly committed to achieving sustainable development and to contribute to a decrease in greenhouse gases. On the basis of the agreement signed Dec. 19, 1997 by the ministries of the environ ...

12/18/2008 | Renewables and Conservation |

Nevada, geothermal: two new Enel plants

In Churchill County (Nevada) two Enel North America geothermal plants are being completed. An Enel statement explains that production at Stillwater and Salt Wells will help the American state to make 20% of its energy resources renewable by the year 2015. With a total installed capacity of 65 MW, th ...

12/11/2008 | Renewables and Conservation |

Albania, agreements for Moncada and Falcione

Salvatore Moncada and Albanian energy minister Genc Ruli have signed an agreement to begin construction of a 500 MW wind part southeast of Valona within the first half of 2009, as well as a 500 MW underwater electrical cable to link Albania and Italy continuously. The 1.015bn euro project has been f ...

12/04/2008 | Renewables and Conservation |

Renewables, Enel Green Power is born

Enel Green Power, the Enel company for development and management of generating operations from renewables in Italy and the world, has come into being. The new company governs all Enel activities in wind, solar, geothermal, flowing hydroelectric and biomass power in Europe, North, Central and South ...

12/04/2008 | Renewables and Conservation |

Photovoltaic, Enel/Sharp joint venture

Enel and Sharp have planned a joint venture with a third as yet unnamed company (likely a European producer of industrial equipment) in the photovoltaic field. According to the Japanese website Nikkei, the two European companies will have a majority stake in the venture, with Sharp holding a minorit ...


11/27/2008 | Renewables and Conservation |

Thermodynamics, Solar PST comes to Italy

Solar PST, a Spanish company producing state-of-the-art thermodynamic solar panels which can produce hot water at night and in adverse climatic conditions with temperatures as low as 0°C, is coming to Italy. Solar PST, in partnership with Energie, last year in Portugal built the biggest factory in E ...

11/20/2008 | Renewables and Conservation |

Photovoltaic, Edipower installation on Brindisi power plant roof

Work has begun on a photovoltaic system installation on the roof of the machine room of the Edipower power plant in Brindisi. Its total power, about 730 kW, and a surface area of more than 9,000 m2, an Edipower statement reports, will make the installation the biggest in Italy using the new CIS tech ...

11/20/2008 | Renewables and Conservation |

Wind power, Maestrale to get 35 Vestas generators

Maestrale Green Energy has commissioned Vestas Italia to provide it with 35 turbines, model V52-850 KW. The turbines will be used on the wind farm of Giunchetto, in the province of Enna, authorized by the region of Sicily in 2008. Delivery of the machines will begin in the second half of 2009 and co ...

11/13/2008 | Renewables and Conservation |

Erg Renew: 2mn losses in quarter, +1% revenues
Investments for 60mn confirmed

In the first nine months of the year, Erg Renew, the Erg affiliate for renewables, achieved revenues of 32.2mn euros, up 9.7% compared to the 29.3mn registered on Sept. 30, 2007. A company statement reports that the net result was negative at 4.5mn (+4.7 in the first nine months of 2007) while the E ...

11/06/2008 | Renewables and Conservation |

Renewables, MA&D signs agreements in Albania

MA&D Power Engineering has signed protocols of understanding in Albania for projects in the fields of waste recycling and electricity generation from renewables. The company's announcement says that the protocols were signed by Ceo Giuliano Noe and the regional and municipal authorities of Fier and ...

11/06/2008 | Renewables and Conservation |

Efficiency, Atel founds Atel Eco Services AG

Atel Holding SA (Atel group), having A2A as shareholder with 5% and Edipower with 20%, has set up a new firm in the energy services sector: Atel Eco Services AG, which provides services for increasing energy efficiency of energy plants and buildings. A company note affirms that Atel Eco Services AG ...


10/30/2008 | Renewables and Conservation |

Photovoltaic, new agreement between Solarday, Nsp

The Italian firm Solarday has signed a five-year (2009-2013) contract with Neo Solar Power to supply photovoltaic cells. This contract is in addition to the three-year one already operative in 2008, worth $110mn, making for a total of $320mn. ...

10/23/2008 | Renewables and Conservation | E.V.

Renewal of agreements on retail, Eni R&M ready to split economic from contractual talks

Just a few hours before the meeting of the coordinating organisms of the Agip managers, Faib, Fegica and Figisc received the document announced by Eni R&M containing new proposals to facilitate agreement (see SN n. 38 2008). Staffetta learned from the secretary general of Fegica-Cisl, Roberto De Vincenzo that the document “seems to us to be a step forward”. He explained that “one of our requests was accepted. Now we will work on this piece of paper and then we will make our counter-proposals. According to us the diver ...

10/16/2008 | Renewables and Conservation |

Wind power, Erg Renew grows in France

Erg Renew, through its subsidiary Enerfrance, signed an agreement last Friday with the French company Gsef for acquisition of a 50% interest in Cita Wind and of five project companies belonging to Gsef, a statement of the Erg subsidiary reported. Cita Wind, a company which has been developing wind p ...

10/16/2008 | Renewables and Conservation |

Ets, Environment Ministry and Cdm projects in Morocco

The Environment Ministry's website has presented an invitation for letters of interest for co-financing feasibility studies and Pdd for Cdm projects in the context of its cooperation with its counterpart ministry in Morocco. The invitation may be seen on the Staffetta website, along with the version ...

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