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Renewables and Conservation
Jul-Aug-Sep - 2009


09/24/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Offshore wind power, 320 MW project in Sardinia

Is Arenas Renewables Energies s.r.l. has presented to the Capitaneria of the port of Oristano a request for a sixty-year concession to build an offshore wind farm made up of 80 turbines for a total of 320 MW. The area (21,698.062 km2) extends from 2 to 8 km from the coast at Is Arenas, Su Pallosu, S ...

09/24/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Renewables, 400mn from Eib to Centrobanca (Ubi)

The European Investment Bank and Centrobanca (UBI group) have signed a framework loan agreement for 400mn euros, of which 200 will be made available by the Eib, for financing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, the Eib reports. The projects will be mainly small or mid-sized (respectivel ...

09/17/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Bioethanol, requests by Oct. 5

With note 119.176 of Sept. 9, the Agenzia delle Dogane reminds operators that the deadline for presenting requests to participate in allocation of bioethanol quotas for 2009 is Oct. 5. The customs agency also notes that the Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 205 of Sept. 4 contains regulations concerning fiscal ...

09/10/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Bioethanol, Gazzetta Ufficiale publishes incentive regulations

The Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 205 of Sept. 4 has published the regulation of fiscal incentives for bioethanol of agricultural origin (see SN n. 29 2009). The regulation bears the date of Aug. 5 but became effective only the day after its publication. The text defines requisites for products that can receive incentives and modalities for participating in the program. ...

09/10/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Foresight, 6 MW photovoltaic plant in Puglia

Foresight Group, an investment fund company specialized in alternative energy, has reached a 25mn euro project financing agreement with West LB and Barclays as Mandated Lead Arranger for financing a 6 MW photovoltaic project to be built in Puglia. Construction of the plant, which will benefit from t ...


08/06/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Renewables, Energy Authority consultation on dispatching

With its deliberation DCO 25/09 of July 27 the Energy Authority has begun its consultation on reform of the dispatching of electricity generated by non-programmed renewable resources. The consultation has become necessary because of the increasing number of installations of renewable resource genera ...

08/06/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Biodiesel, 70,000 t allocated

The Customs Agency's internet site has published the allocation for 2009 of 70,000 t of incentive biodiesel produced as per art. 22-bis, paragraph 1, of legislative decree 26 October 1995, n.504.
Cereal Docks has been allocated 8,722.729 t; Diester (Sete) 3,307.152, Diester (Grand Couronne) 9,2 ...


07/30/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Enel Green Power, 23 MW wind power in Sardinia and France

Last Thursday, 23 MW of new wind power began to be generated in Italy and France, precisely in Sardinia and Les Eparmonts Haute Marne. In the former site, seven aero-generators of 1.5 MW for a total installed capacity of 10.50 MW are operating, in addition to the previously existing 54 MW of the wi ...

07/23/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Wind power, Suzlon to supply Eufer with 224 MW

Indiana Suzlon Energy has announced that its Spanish subsidiary will provide 224.5 MW of wind power turbines to Eufer (a joint venture of Enel Green Energy and Union Fenosa). The company statement said that the generators will be installed in 2011. ...

07/23/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Biodiesel, 2008 production in Italy 595mn tons
But productive capacity exceeds 1.5mn tons

A total of 595,000 t produced in 2008 (+64% more than the 363,000 of 2007) out of a capacity up 22% to 1.9mn t (1.5mn in 2007): these are the figures on Italy's biodiesel production published by Ebb (European Biodiesel Board).
The Ebb communiqué reports that the EU produced 7.7mn t of biodiese ...

07/23/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Bioethanol, rules for incentives on the way

Fiscal regulations giving incentives to bio-ethanol, as per the 2007 budget bill, are becoming reality. The Economy Ministry is studying the text of the draft which will then be sent to other ministries for their approval. The authorization process has been closely followed by Assocostieri, the asso ...

07/16/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Enel Green Power, wind farm in Greece

Enel Green Power has acquired a new 18.9 MW wind park in Lithos-Achaia in Greece from a local developer. This will bring the installed capacity in the country up to over 127 MW and it was the third one to be activated in 2008 after the 12 MW wind park of Koutsoutis-Rhodes and the 5.5 MW hydro plants ...

07/16/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Wind power, Alerion inaugurates 32 MW

A press conference in Rome last Thursday marked the opening of the Ordona wind park in the province of Foggia created by Alerion Clean Power. With the 34 MW of Alerion, the total in operation and under construction reaches 232 MW.
Giuseppe Garofano, founder and deputy chairman of Alerion, stres ...

07/16/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Wind power, 32 MW for Enel in the Canary Islands

Enel Union Fenosa Renovables (Eufer) has won the concession for building two wind farms for 32 MW, or 19% of the total capacity awarded in the competition called by the Consejería de Industria y Comercio for the province of Tenerife. Eufer will build the farm of El Rincón, with an installed capacity ...

07/02/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Turbec installs solar micro-turbine in Israel

Italy's Turbec company has installed a micro-turbine in the revolutionary solar plant of the Samar Kibbutz in Israel. The Cento (Ferrara) firm, Ansaldo-controlled, produces state-of-the-art micro-turbines and recently found uses for them in solar plants like the one created jointly with the Aora com ...

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