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Renewables and Conservation
Oct-Nov-Dec - 2009

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12/23/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Renewables, million-euro fine for Enel

The Energy Authority has fined Enel more than a million euros because of the company's violation of rules on new plants' linking up to the distribution network (especially renewables). At the same time, the Antitrust Authority has closed, with Enel's acceptance of binding commitments, the investigat ...

12/23/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Edf, 500mn for photovoltaic energy in France and Italy

Edf and the Eib have signed a memorandum of understanding to activate an innovative financial structure for Edf's photovoltaic projects in France and Italy for 2010-2012. The total financing from the Eib is 500mn. The projects under development or under construction will use the thin film technology ...

12/17/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Wind power, Enel acquires authorization for 64 MW in Calabria

The bulletin of the Antitrust Authority n. 46 of Dec. 7 includes ruling n. 20503, the authorization for Enel Green Power to acquire exclusive control of Maicor Wind S.r.l., the company which will build a 64 MW wind farm in the province of Cosenza. Maicor Wind (Mwi) is owned entirely by MKF McKelcey ...

12/10/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Geothermal, Enel GP launches Nuova Lagoni Rossi (12 MW)

Enel Green Power (an Enel subsidiary) has begun operating the Nuova Lagoni Rossi power plant, which adds 12 MW to the installed geothermal capacity in the area of Larderello (Pisa). A company statement reports that the plant, when fully operative, “will be able to produce about 100mn MW a year, enou ...

12/10/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Photovoltaic, Puglia forbids panels on fields

Puglia region's official bulletin n. 174 of Nov. 4 includes ruling n. 1947 of Oct. 20 which regulates landscape planning, entailing, among other things, restrictions on photovoltaic installations specifically in agricultural areas on the ground (chapter 4).
According to Gianni Chianetta, presid ...

12/10/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Wind power, Enel GP projects in Mexico

Enel Green Power, through its subsidiary Enel Latin America, has signed an agreement with SoWiTec Energias Renovables de Mexico, a subsidiary of the German company SoWiTec International, for development of some wind projects in Mexico with a total installed capacity of as much as 1,000 MW. A company ...


11/26/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Biofuels, producers against reduction of incentives

At a meeting last Tuesday in Rome at Assocostieri's headquarters, the Unione Produttori Biodiesel asked for an immediate return to the incentives planned for biofuels for 2010 and for establishment of an obligatory placement on the market of 4%, as required by the commitments made by Italy both nati ...

11/26/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Thermodynamics, Enea-Enel plant in Priolo ready in spring

The thermodynamic plant Archimede at Enel's Priolo Gargallo power plant in the province of Siracusa is nearing completion, and should be ready this spring. An Enea statement explains that the agency's commissioner, Giovanni Lelli, visited the solar plant on Monday with Livio Vido, director of the en ...

11/19/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Italy-Serbia renewable resources agreement

Last Friday, there was an intergovernmental meeting at Palazzo Chigi in the presence of premier Silvio Berlusconi and Serbian president Boris Tadic. A press release of the Economic Development Ministry reports that during the meeting ministers Scajola and Skundric signed two cooperation agreements, ...

11/19/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Wind power, Enel gets started in Mexico

Enel Green Power's subsidiary Enel Latin America has reached an agreement with Energías Renovables, Térmica y Hidráulica de México (Enerthi), a subsidiary of the Spanish company of the same name, for development of 1,000 MW of wind projects in Mexico. The company states that Enel Green Power will ha ...

11/19/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Geothermal, Enel to invest $240mn in Chile

Enel will invest $240mn in the next four years to develop the production of geothermal energy in Chile, Ceo Piero Gnudi announced in a meeting with local entrepreneurs during a mission to South America organized by Confindustria. Enel operates in Chile through its Spanish subsidiary Endesa. ...

11/05/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Photovoltaic, Enel-Sharp-STM ask for Eib financing

Enel-Sharp-STMicroelectronics' project to install a thin-film photovoltaic factory in Catania will cost 900mn euros. The report comes from their request for financing from the European Investment Bank. The plant is intended to have a productive capacity of 480 MW a year, for which they requested 400 ...


10/29/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Solar Ventures, 100 MW Photovoltaic project in Jordan

The Italian firm Solar Ventures is to create a 100 MW photovoltaic park in Jordan, fruit of the partnership reached by Michele Appendino's company with the Jordanian companies Kawar Energy of Karim Kawar, First International for Investment and Trade, and Ma'an Development Company (MDC), the state-ow ...

10/29/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Renewables, Enel signs agreement in Greece

Enel Green Power has agreed to acquire the two subsidiaries of the Greek companies Domiki Crete and Atese: Aioliko Voskerou S.A., with a 5.95 MW wind farm operating in the prefecture of Heraklion in Crete and the company's pipeline; Aioliko Koukoulona S.A., with authorization to install a 5 MW wind ...

10/29/2009 | Renewables and Conservation |

Enel GP: another 18 MW wind power in France

With installation of six 2 MW turbines at Le Nouret (12 MW) and another three at Le Noyer (6 MW), Enel Green Power has added 18 MW to its wind capacity in France, bringing the total to 56 MW. Both wind farms are in the Vallée d'Arce, in the Champagne-Ardenne region. Le Nouret and Le Noyer will produ ...

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