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Renewables and Conservation
Apr-May-Jun - 2010

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06/25/2010 | Renewables and Conservation |

Green certificates, incentives maintained by parliament

Fifteen amendments proposed by both the majority and opposition that directly eliminated the controversial article 45 cancelling the Gse's obligation to acquire unsold green certificates, along with about thirty proposed modifications which entailed postponing the abrogation until 2011 or suppress i ...

06/25/2010 | Renewables and Conservation |

Solar power/1, 200 MW for Sinosol in Italy

Sinosol, a company based in Germany and China, has created a subsidiary with the Italian companies Metalco and Mazzanti in Castelfranco for development of plants with a total capacity of more than 200 MW, to be built between 2010 and 2012. Mazzanti (Florence) and Metalco (Castelfranco) operate in th ...

06/25/2010 | Renewables and Conservation |

Solar power/2, 2 MW for the Spanish firm Orisol in Calabria

The region of Calabria has authorized construction and operation of a 2 MW photovoltaic plant in the municipality of Filandari (Vibo Valentia) by Società Energetica Noce Laccu, a subsidiary of the Spanish firm Orisol. The authorization decree (n. 6875 of May 4) was published in Il Corriere della Ser ...

06/17/2010 | Renewables and Conservation |

Green certificates, incentives at risk

The shields have been raised. On the day when hearings on the government's budget maneuver began at the senate (see SN n. 23 2010), voices loud and strong were heard speaking against the norm abolishing the withdrawal of green certificates on the part of the energy services manager Gse, inserted into art. 45.
After declarations on the part of Economic Development Ministry undersecretary Stefano Saglia (who called the rul ...

06/17/2010 | Renewables and Conservation |

Renewable fuel action plan, public consultation begins

By 2020, renewable resource power generation in Italy will account for 28.97% of the total: precisely, hydroelectric will provide 11.49% of all electricity, wind power 6.59%, geothermal 2.05%; solar power 3.10%, biomass 5.74%. The heating and air conditioning sector will take 15.83%, with biomass 9. ...

06/17/2010 | Renewables and Conservation |

Solar power, Silfab starts up in Canada

Silfab is going to build a photovoltaic module production plant in Ontario (Canada) for a productive capacity of 120 MW to be realized in two phases, the first for 60 MW by the end of the second quarter of 2011 and the second 60 MW in the course of that year. The company says that it is scouting for ...

06/10/2010 | Renewables and Conservation |

Solar power, Solaria and Elpo Gmbh reach supply agreement

Solaria Energía y Medio Ambiente, a photovoltaic company listed on the Spanish bourse, has signed a contract with the Italian company Elpo Gmbh for the supply of 7.5 MWp in the next few months for construction of five photovoltaic roofs in the Veneto region. A company statement reports that each roo ...

06/10/2010 | Renewables and Conservation |

Energy from wastes: high potential in Italy

The European energy from organic wastes market (the biggest in the world), will reach $3.6bn by the end of 2016, according to a Frost & Sullivan study. The study also shows that the German market, which alone represents 76.8% of the European market, ended 2009 with a $998.3mn share. In the last ten ...

06/03/2010 | Renewables and Conservation |

Solar power/1, Enel Green Power orders modules from China's Cnpv for 8 MW

The Chinese firm Cnpv Solar Power has announced that Enel Green Power has agreed to take photovoltaic modules with a total capacity of 8 MW between now and September, with an option to buy more in the future. Zhang Shunfu, Ceo of Cnpv Solar Power, says that the agreement with Enel reflects “our str ...

06/03/2010 | Renewables and Conservation |

Solar power/2, first Middle Eastern production line is Italian

The Padua firm P.Energy has delivered a production line for photovoltaic modules to KACST in Saudi Arabia. KACST is a King Abdul Aziz scientific organization which promotes research and development in the kingdom. The new line for assembling modules is completely automatic and can produce 5 MW/year. ...

06/03/2010 | Renewables and Conservation | G.P.

Renewables, action plan within two weeks

The text of the action plan to reach EU goals up to 2020 concerning renewables is almost ready at the Economic Development Ministry. The news comes from the head of the concerned department at the ministry, Guido Bortoni, who spoke to Staffetta on the occasion of the EGL and I-Com meeting on “the im ...


05/20/2010 | Renewables and Conservation |

Archimede Solar Energy, Siemens stake now 45%

Siemens now has increased its stake in Archimede Solar Energy from 28% to 45%. The financial terms of the operation were not revealed. Archimede is a joint venture between Siemens and Angelantoni Industries for the production of energy from renewable resources, which applies the technology developed ...

05/20/2010 | Renewables and Conservation |

Enel doubles wind capacity in Bulgaria

A 21 MW wind farm near Shabla, in Bulgaria, was inaugurated last Monday by Enel Green Power, the Enel renewable energy company. It boasts seven 3 MW turbines and can produce 55mn kWh a year, enough to supply 19,000 households and keep 45,000 t of CO2 out of the air. Shabla doubles wind p ...


04/15/2010 | Renewables and Conservation |

Electric autos, Enel agreement with Renault-Nissan

Enel, Endesa and Renault-Nissan have reached a preliminary agreement for cooperation in developing electric vehicles. The agreement was signed last week in Paris by Enel Ceo Fulvio Conti, by Patrick Pélata, director general of Renault, and by Hideaki Watanabe, director general of the Zero Emission B ...

04/08/2010 | Renewables and Conservation |

Vegetable oils, ruling on traceability

As expected, the Agriculture Ministry has published its ruling on the traceability of pure vegetable oils for production of electrical power. It will be based, as reported here, in the Sian system (national agriculture information system managed by the Agea agency). Oils fulfilling the criteria will ...

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