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Renewables and Conservation
Jan-Feb-Mar - 2011

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03/31/2011 | Renewables and Conservation |

Renewables 2020, Gazzetta Ufficiale publishes decree

More than three weeks after the signature of the president of the republic, on Monday March 28 the Gazzetta Ufficiale published the decree 3 March 2011, n. 28, called “Attuazione della direttiva 2009/28/CE sulla promozione dell'uso dell'energia da fonti rinnovabili, recante modifica e successiva abr ...

03/31/2011 | Renewables and Conservation |

Solar power, Siemens gets order for eight plants from Viridis

The energy branch of Siemens Italia has received an order for eight turnkey solar plants for the Marches and Abruzzi between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines from Viridis Energia, a joint venture between Echidna S.p.A. and La.G.I. S.r.l. The plants will together produce 14 peak MW and will supply ...

03/03/2011 | Renewables and Conservation |

Avelar, 45mn project finance for 15 MW solar power

Avelar Energy, a firm controlled by the Russian company Renova, has announced that Aveleos, a company born in March 2010 through a joint venture with Enovos Luxembourg S.A. (which holds 59%, see SN n. 3 2011), has signed a project financing contact with Banca Popolare di Milano and Meliorbanca for the creation of 15 solar parks in the regions of Puglia (11) and Basilicata (4).
A company statement explains that the agreement entails financing to the tune of 45.5mn euros so that Aveleos can build 15 ...


02/24/2011 | Renewables and Conservation |

Solar power/1, Opde is building six new plants in Piedmont for 26 MW

Opde Italia, the Italian affiliate of the Spanish multi-national company Opde, has begun building six new photovoltaic parks in Piedmont for a total of 26 MW. The locations are Tortona, Alessandria, and Pedrosa (in the province of Alessandria) and Fossano (in the province of Cuneo). A company statem ...

02/24/2011 | Renewables and Conservation |

Solar power/2, Hsbc gets 10 MW in Puglia

The Gruppo Degennaro, a construction company, has sold ten solar plants for a total of 10 MW to the HSBC Environmental Infrastructure Fund, which specializes in investments in renewable energies for the HSBC Bank. The ten plants are in Puglia and were linked to the national grid at the end of 2010. ...

02/17/2011 | Renewables and Conservation |

Solar power, Gse data on installed power

By Dec. 31 of last year, the state energy management agency Gse had received confirmation of the existence of solar plants under law 129/2010 (‘save-Alcoa') for 54,106 installations with a total declared capacity of 3,771 MW. Gse's detailed statement on its internet site clarified data presented to ...

02/17/2011 | Renewables and Conservation |

Wind power, Anev: cost in Italy 1.59mn/MW

In Italy, the current cost per MW of installed wind power is 1.59mn, but regulatory simplification would make it possible to lower it to 1.25mn, affirms the wind power organization Anev in a comment on data published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance on the drop in costs of a wind MW. Anev believes th ...

02/03/2011 | Renewables and Conservation |

Egp's wind farm starts operations in Portugal

Enel Green Power's new wind farm in Alvaiázere, Portugal, has begun operations. It consists of five 2 MW turbines for a total installed power of 10 MW. The Egp announcement explains that the new farm will be able to produce a maximum of 29mn kWh once fully operative, enough to supply nearly 11,000 h ...


01/27/2011 | Renewables and Conservation |

Solar power, first EGP-Sharp plant

ESSE, a joint venture of Enel Green Power and Sharp, has completed its first ground-mounted photovoltaic plant in Serragiumenta, in the province of Cosenza. The plant has a capacity of five MW and was built with Sharp modules. Once fully operational, it will be able to generate about 7.5mn kWh a yea ...

01/27/2011 | Renewables and Conservation |

Wind power, 48 MW Sorgenia plant near Viterbo

Sorgenia has requested an Eia from the region of Lazio for a 48 MW wind farm to be built in the municipal territory of Cellere, in the province of Viterbo, and of a 150 kV compensation line. The wind farm, a notice published by the Cir subsidiary reports, will be created on land in Banditella, Poggi ...

01/20/2011 | Renewables and Conservation |

Wind power, EGP doubles production in Romania

Enel Green Power (EGP), Enel's renewable energy company, has doubled its wind power production in Romania to 64 MW. A company statement affirms that the new 30 MW wind farm in Salbatica I has begun production. This is in addition to Agighiol, EGP's first wind farm in Romania, which began operations ...

01/20/2011 | Renewables and Conservation |

EGP, giant wind farm in Sardinia

Enel Green Power has obtained permission from the region of Sardinia to create a wind farm at Portoscuso, near Sulcis Iglesiente. The farm will consist of 39 Siemens 2.3 MW turbines, for a total installed power of about 90 MW. Once fully operative, the farm will produce 185mn kWh a year, enough to m ...

01/20/2011 | Renewables and Conservation |

Solar power/1, Vekselberg continues his Puglia chase

Avelar, the company of the Russian magnate Viktor Vekselberg, has in the last four months alone acquired solar power plant projects in Puglia for 20 MW. The two most recent ones, of 1 MW each purchased from Alsun and Emmegi Energy on Dec. 22 in Altamura (Bari) and Carovigno (Brindisi), have received ...

01/20/2011 | Renewables and Conservation |

Solar power/2, three 9Ren plants in Italy

Three 9Ren solar plants began operations at the beginning of 2011: Bellavista, 6MW in Lanuvio near Rome, Taurus, 2MW in Pontinia, near Latina, and Masseria Martellotta, 8MW in Palagianello near Taranto. The three together will generate a total of about 21mn kWh. The Taurus and Bellavista systems are ...

01/13/2011 | Renewables and Conservation |

Electric autos/1, takeoff near

Prospects for the electric car have never been so solid. Technological advances parallel an unprecedented commitment on the part of manufacturers, with Toyota first in line, as was evident at the latest Motor Show in Bologna. The big power companies, Enel first of all in Italy but also A2A and Acea, ...

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