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What’s Going On
Jan-Feb-Mar - 2008


03/20/2008 | What’s Going On |

Marcegaglia to lead Confindustria

Emma Marcegaglia has been named president of Confindustria by 95% of the voters. She is the first woman to have reached that position in the Italian business association, which was founded in 1910. On April 23, date of the next meeting of Confindustria's board, Marcegaglia will present her team, and ...


02/21/2008 | What’s Going On |

Ego, new brand on fuel network

The Italian fuel network is getting a new brand represented by a stylized finger print flanked by the “ego” logo which lends itself to the double reading “ego = I”, or “and… go = go! “. It has been registered recently by the Nuovo Progetto srl, a company chaired by Alessandro Proietti set up in Sept ...


01/31/2008 | What’s Going On |

Egl, Brancato operations director

Giuseppe Brancato, 53 years old, has assumed responsibility for the direction of operations at Egl, which handles investment programs in Italy for the construction and management of combined cycle electricity plants and renewables. Brancato has been at Egl Produzione Italia since 2004 as the person ...

01/10/2008 | What’s Going On |

Explanation of energy excise regulations

The circular 37/D of Dec. 28, 2007, entitled “Disposizioni di applicazione del decreto legislativo 2 febbraio 2007, n. 26 on “Attuazione della direttiva 2003/96/CE che ristruttura il quadro comunitario per la tassazione dei prodotti energetici e dell'elettricità”, gives specific information concerni ...

01/10/2008 | What’s Going On |

Albania, protests against power plant and Pir

There have been protests in Valona, Albania, against construction of a thermoelectric power plant and oil storage facility to be created by the Italian company Petrolifera Italo Rumena (Pir) (see SN n. 20 20/05/04) ...

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