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What’s Going On
Apr-May-Jun - 2008

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06/26/2008 | What’s Going On |

Enel, Conti maintains unchanged delegated powers

The new board of Enel named on June 11 has confirmed Fulvio Conti as Ceo and director general of the company. The board also confirmed as chairman Piero Gnudi and the men's “attributions and delegated powers they disposed of in their previous term of office” were confirmed. ...

06/19/2008 | What’s Going On |

Milazzo site of annual meeting of Osrl/Earl

Milazzo was site of the annual meeting of Osrl/Earl, the non-profit group set up by 33 oil companies, including all the major ones, to handle hydrocarbon spills at sea. With bases in the UK, Singapore and Bahrain, Orsl is able to intervene quickly with advanced technology and specialists to minimize ...

06/19/2008 | What’s Going On |

Eurelectric, Fulvio Conti deputy chairman

Eurelectric's annual meeting, in Barcelona this year, unanimously elected Enel Ceo Fulvio Conti as deputy chairman of the association of Europe's electricity companies. Chairman is to be Lars Jofesson, president and Ceo of Sweden's Vattenfall, replacing Rafael Miranda, Ceo of Endesa. The new team h ...

06/12/2008 | What’s Going On |

Gnudi named chairman of the E8

Enel chairman Piero Gnudi in 2009-2010 is to lead the E8, the association grouping the world's main electricity companies. His mandate coincides with time of Italy's assumption of the G8 presidency. The choice was made during the organization's annual summit, held in La Malbaie (Quebec, Canada). ...

06/12/2008 | What’s Going On |

Sogin, Cumo chairman of EAES

The chairman of Sogin and professor of nuclear power at the University of Rome, Maurizio Cumo, is the new chairman of the European Atomic Energy Society (Eaes), of which he has been a member for more than twenty years. “Exchange of knowledge and the development of common strategies is at the basis o ...

06/05/2008 | What’s Going On |

Eni and Enel, continuity prevails

Poli and Scaroni, Gnudi and Conti confirmed

The impossibility of finding an agreement concerning a change in the boards of Enel and Eni – the positions of the two Ceos have never been in question – has led the government to choose continuity. Piero Gnudi and Roberto Poli have thus been confirmed for a third term as chairs of Enel and Eni resp ...

06/05/2008 | What’s Going On |

Assomineraria at Eage conference

In Rome June 9-12 the 70th Conference and Exhibition of the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (Eage) will be held. The event will include “SPE Europec 2008” and it will register the technological progress made in E&P in oil and gas. The conference will concern renewal of global reser ...

06/05/2008 | What’s Going On |

Basilicata, Sel created

The Società Energetica Lucana, Sel, has been set up. Vito De Filippo, president of the region of Basilicata, sole stockholder of S.E.L.SpA, has named as chairman of the board Rocco Colangelo; directors include Gianfranco Blasi and Angelo Raffaele Rinaldi. The chairman of the syndics is Angelo Pietro ...

06/05/2008 | What’s Going On |

Italian Energy Authority to head Medreg until 2010

Energy regulators from Mediterranean countries are strengthening their cooperation in the MEDREG association, and the Italian Energy Authority AEEG, with Alessandro Ortis as chair, has been confirmed as its chief for another two years. The decision was taken on the occasion of the fifth general meet ...


05/29/2008 | What’s Going On |

Unione Biocarburanti, Lyondell is in

The first shareholders meeting of Unione Biocarburanti ratified the request of Lyondell to adhere to the protocol of understanding signed by Assocostieri – Unione Produttori Biodiesel and Assodistil, expanding participation thus to the producing firms of Etbe, a press release reports.
The new b ...

05/29/2008 | What’s Going On |

Kupit: no incinerator in Naples industrial area

A state of the art incinerator in the industrial zone of Napoli Est, a 38-hectare area which has for years been the object of a reclamation effort entailing the decommissioning of petrochemical and refining plants of Kuwait Raffinazione & Chimica (see SN n. 9 2008): the rumor published by Il Sole24Ore was immediately denied by Kupit. A company st ...

05/29/2008 | What’s Going On |

Furse (Lse): derivative market to open in September

London Stock Exchange Ceo Clara Furse has announced opening of an “energy derivative market” in Italy in September. Confirmation comes from the partner Borsa Italiana, after Furse's announcement in London during presentation of the 2007-2008 financial statement. Furse also reported that after the me ...

05/29/2008 | What’s Going On |

E.On, Di Vita to head press office

On April 28, 2008, Luisa Di Vita took charge of the press and external communication office of E.On Italia. Di Vita, who has had important positions in the last six years at the Api group in the same activity, is now reporting to the director of Communication and Regulatory Affairs, Tania Volo, who ...

05/22/2008 | What’s Going On |

Three Eni Awards for 2008

The Eni Awards ceremony took place at the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, in the presence of the president of the republic Giorgio Napolitano, the president of the Accademia dei Lincei Giovanni Conso, Eni chairman Roberto Poli and Eni Ceo Paolo Scaroni. The awards are intended to develop technologic ...

05/15/2008 | What’s Going On |

Erg Petroli, Pietro Giordano chairman

Pietro Giordano is Erg Petroli's new chairman. Born in Rivarolo Canavese (Turin) on Feb. 19, 1944, he got a degree in nuclear engineering in Turin in 1969.
In 1970 he began work at Esso Italiana as executive in charge of programming and development of the network, and he remained at Esso until ...

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