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What’s Going On
Jul-Aug-Sep - 2008


08/29/2008 | What’s Going On |

Up, annual report in English online

The website, in the publications section, features the 2008 annual report of the Unione petrolifera in English. ...

08/07/2008 | What’s Going On |

Gazzetta Ufficiale publishes Cipe ruling on Tempa Rossa

The Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 179 of Aug. 1 published the Cipe ruling n. 139 of Dec. 21, 2007, concerning the preliminary project in the context of the strategic infrastructures program (law n. 443/2001) for development works for the hydrocarbon field «Tempa Rossa». ...

08/07/2008 | What’s Going On |

Eni: Cao leaves E&P, replaced by Descalzi

Stefano Cao is leaving Eni after 32 years. For eight years, Cao has served as director general of Eni E&P, the richest division of the company, where he will be replaced by his deputy Claudio Descalzi. A company statement explains that Cao left “to undertake new professional opportunities”. ...


07/31/2008 | What’s Going On |

Scajola in Russia for government meetings

Economic development minister Claudio Scajola went to Moscow July 28-29 for a series of meetings, especially one with the energy minister of the Russian Federation, Sergey Shmatko. Scheduled also was a meeting with the director general of the state atomic energy corporation Rosatom, Sergey Kiriyenko ...

07/17/2008 | What’s Going On |

Ies is supplying Po River navigation

On July 12, the mayor of Bagnolo S. Vito, Roberto Penna, and the chairman of the Associazione Nautica Antonio Bertellini, future manager of the Ies plant, formally opened the first fuel service station on the Po River, in the province of Mantua. The Ies report explained that “the small landing, alre ...

07/17/2008 | What’s Going On |

Ansaldo Energia: Zampini, now is right moment for public offer

“In terms of the market it is the right moment” to put Ansaldo Energia stock up for sale “because the product energy is very attractive”, said Ceo Giuseppe Zampini in a press conference. He also explained that the company expected growth in revenues from about a billion in 2007 to 1.7bn in 2010. “We ...

07/03/2008 | What’s Going On |

Eni, Alessandro Bernini new Cfo
Mangiagalli to become Saipem's chair

Alessandro Bernini, now Saipem's financial director, will take the same position in Eni beginning Aug. 1, while Eni's current Cfo, Marco Mangiagalli, will be proposed as Saipem's chairman. He already sits on that company's board of directors. An Eni statement also reports that the current chairman a ...

07/03/2008 | What’s Going On |

Maurizio Schirò is leaving Kupit

Maurizio Schirò has left Kuwait Petroleum Italia after 38 years. After fifteen years at Exxon in Italy and abroad, and then at Tamoil in Milan, Schirò began working for Kupit in January 1986. ...

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