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What’s Going On
Jan-Feb-Mar - 2009


03/24/2009 | What’s Going On |

Chairman Angelucci looks at OMC 2009

An ever more successful meeting place, where new ideas are born and surprising new links are forged between producing countries and consumers. Created 20 years ago, OMC has lived up to its initial promise and is ready to continue growing. This is the considered opinion of its chairman and promoter o ...

03/05/2009 | What’s Going On |

Total Italia, Thierry Normand new E&P Ceo

Total Italia's board on Feb. 25 nominated Thierry Normand Ceo for the Exploration and Production general directorate of Total Italia. The French company's statement explains that the nomination of Normand, who replaces Lionel Levha, has immediate effect. We note that after the arrest for alleged bri ...

03/05/2009 | What’s Going On |

Erg Mobile is born, new operator in virtual telephony with Vodafone

Erg Petroli has made official its decision to become a virtual telephone operator in April through an agreement with Vodafone Italia. Its service will be offered through its 2000 fuel sales outlets. Erg Petroli is the first oil company to enter this market with a special SIM card and a new brand nam ...


02/19/2009 | What’s Going On |

Erg is getting into virtual telephony

Erg is the first oil company to get into the virtual telephony business. The decision was presented in the course of its managers' convention last week in Rome and Milan. Staffetta has learned that the move is part of an effort to keep customers faithful, and it should be launched in March or April. ...

02/12/2009 | What’s Going On |

Libya to take part in Unicredit capital increase for 750mn

Central Bank of Libya, which already had a 4.9% stake, has taken part in a further 250mn euro loan through an operation based on convertible bonds. Ambassador Hafed Gaffur explained to Reuters that “our interest is in the bank. They asked us, we evaluated it and said yes”. The total Libyan bank inte ...


01/29/2009 | What’s Going On |

De Benedetti steps down

Carlo De Benedetti is stepping down from his position as chairman of five listed firms: the two historical holding companies, Cir and Cofide, the publishing house Editoriale l'Espresso and the most recent one, the investment company Management & Capitali. “I am aware that time is passing and even th ...

01/29/2009 | What’s Going On |

Total Italia, Arnaud E&P director pro tempore
Levha has asked for other positions in the group

Lionel Levha, the Ceo of Total Italia who was arrested in the context of the investigation into alleged bribery in development of Basilicata's “Tempa Rossa” oil field (see SN n. 2 2009), has asked to be given other positions in the Total group. A note of that company to Staffetta affirms that the board of Total Italia, with a ruling of 24/12/08, has given specific powers in th ...

01/08/2009 | What’s Going On |

Tempa Rossa: Total-related sanctions vary

On Dec. 31, the Potenza judicial authorities excluded, in the case of alleged bribes for development of the Tempa Rossa oil field in Basilicata (see SN n. 50 2008), the hypothesis of “association to commit illegal acts”, that is of a “business committee” of entrepreneurs, politicians, public officials and Total employees, and therefore revoked the arrest of member of parliamen ...

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