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What’s Going On
Apr-May-Jun - 2009


06/25/2009 | What’s Going On | GCA

If Eni sells its cradle

The news that Eni has decided to put 44 Italian mineral rights up for sale (see separate article), of which an unspecified number are located in the Po valley, should, in addition to worrying the labor unions, worry the company's chief shareholder, that is to say treasury minister Tremonti. There are too many unclear areas in this matter. First of all, the decision seems to co ...

06/05/2009 | What’s Going On |

Sicily, Erg Raffinerie Mediterranee first in earnings

With earnings of 7,181,591,000 euros Erg Raffinerie Mediterranee is the biggest firm in Sicily, according to the Annuario economico della Sicilia 2009-2010 published by the Centro studi economico e finanziario Esg 89. Banco di Sicilia is second, and Sasol Italy of Catania (fuels) is third. Raffineri ...

06/05/2009 | What’s Going On |

Saras, three dead at Sarroch refinery

Three workers were killed last Tuesday at the Saras refinery in Sarroch (Cagliari), one of the biggest in Europe. Daniele Melis (26 years old), Luigi Solinas (27) and Bruno Muntoni (52) died after inhaling lethal nitrogen gas, while working on maintenance of a desulfurization plant's enormous cister ...


05/21/2009 | What’s Going On |

UP forecast, Staffetta-Cenacolo forum

Staffetta Quotidiana and Cenacolo have organized a forum for the morning of May 27 (9-13:30) in Rome at the conference room of the BNL in Piazza Albania to discuss the technical and economic aspects of the new forecast published at the end of February by the Unione Petrolifera on energy demand in It ...


04/16/2009 | What’s Going On |

Piracy, Micoperi asks press blackout

Micoperi Marine Contractors, the Ravenna company which owns the “Buccaneer” ship taken by Somali pirates last Saturday, along with 16 crew members, has asked the press not to cover the story to favor a successful outcome. Silvio Bartolotti, head of the company, is waiting for a signal from the pirat ...

04/16/2009 | What’s Going On |

Earthquake, Enel's initiatives
Eni proceeds safeguarding network

Enel has joined the Confindustria and labor union project under which employees will give the value of an hour of their work, a sum which their companies will then match, to offer to relief programs for victims of the earthquake, which has struck L'Aquila on April 6 (see SN n. 14 2009). Enel has announced that it will in any case donate 2.4mn euros. Enel Cuore has moreover ma ...

04/09/2009 | What’s Going On |

Assomineraria, new initiative for associates

Assomineraria is now making available to its associated firms an information system (SESAMo) in support of their foreign activities. The system is available on the Assomineraria website, and lists companies active abroad, and information on them. Countries considered up to now include Saudi Arabia, ...

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