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What’s Going On
Jul-Aug-Sep - 2009


09/03/2009 | What’s Going On |

Libya, the mystery of Ghanem's mandate

Noc chairman Shokri Ghanem is awaiting reconfirmation as head of the Libyan state company, Staffetta has heard from Libyan sources. “Ghanem is still at the top of Noc, but there is no clarity concerning his reconfirmation as chairman, the decree nominating him has not yet arrived”. An Italian press ...


08/27/2009 | What’s Going On |

Piracy, Buccaneer hostages freed

After long talks between pirates and Italian diplomats, on August 9 the sixteen sailors taken hostage in Somalia on the Micoperi ship “Buccaneer” (see SN n. 15 2009) were freed. Foreign minister Franco Frattini made the announcement and Silvio Bartolotti, chairman of Micoperi, told interviewers that no ransom had been paid. “At a time agreed on, soldiers climbed aboard the Buc ...

08/06/2009 | What’s Going On |

Finmeccanica, strategic agreement with Libya

Finmeccanica and the Libyan Investment Authority (Lia), Tripoli's sovereign fund, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in the Middle East and Africa. Finmeccanica's announcement states that “opportunities will be pursued in the aerospace, electronics, transportation and energy s ...


07/30/2009 | What’s Going On |

Porto Torres, in maintenance until 30/9

Eni's Porto Torres petrochemical plant will be shut down until Sept. 30, 2009, and then a discussion board will be created concerning the company's investments in Sardinia with government officials and the unions. This is what came out of the meeting at the Economic Development Ministry of the chemi ...

07/23/2009 | What’s Going On |

Porto Torres, government takes action

The strike against Eni's scheduled closure of Porto Torres for two months continues, and the government has taken measures to respond to a crisis that is hurting Italy's chemical industry and especially the region of Sardinia (see SN n. 28 2009). Berlusconi is working for an understanding that keeps the blockage of Porto Torres from taking place, and a board for Sardinia has b ...

07/16/2009 | What’s Going On |

Erg/Total retail sales alliance?

Five years after talks concerning a downstream joint-venture with Kupit broke down, which would have merged their retail fuel networks under one brand, giving them a 17-19% market share, the third biggest after Eni and Esso (see SN n. 33 2006), Erg is trying to do it again, this time with Total. Rumors have been circulating for two months in banking circles and now in oil circ ...

07/16/2009 | What’s Going On |

Porto Torres, petrochemical plant to shut down for two months

The cracking plant at Porto Torres, on which the whole petrochemical production there depends, will shut down for two months beginning Aug. 1. The announcement was made by the region of Sardinia's president, Ugo Cappellacci, who got the news shortly before from Eni executives.
Cappellacci calle ...

07/02/2009 | What’s Going On |

If Eni sells its cradle: post-scriptum

One of Eni's unspoken reasons for selling 44 mineral rights, of which a part are located in the Po Valley (see SN n. 25 2009), may be the obligation to auction off marginal non-productive fields imposed last year by art. 8 of decree-law 25 June 2008 n. 112 (see SN n. 27 2008). That would also be a way of responding to pressure Eni is ...

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