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What’s Going On
Apr-May-Jun - 2010


06/10/2010 | What’s Going On |

Saras and Inter, Calderoli attacks Massimo Moratti

The minister for Legislative Simplification Roberto Calderoli has made a heavy attack on the president of the Inter soccer team Massimo Moratti for the Cip 6 incentives that the family business company Saras obtains for burning tar, a refinery residue “assimilated” to renewable resources. “I know th ...

06/10/2010 | What’s Going On |

BP oil spill, Umbrian project

The expert on oil extraction, Francesco Del Frate, and his mechanical engineer co-worker, Elena Starnini, both from Perugia, have elaborated a project for dealing with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill which has been registered at the patent office at the Perugia chamber of commerce. The report in the da ...


05/13/2010 | What’s Going On |

EU Authority, Acer's first general manager is Italian

The board of the new agency for cooperation among European energy authorities Acer has named the Italian Alberto Pototschnig its first general manager. His mandate will be for five years, renewable for another three.
Pototschnig is currently president and Ceo of Mercados EMI Europe, and has wor ...

05/13/2010 | What’s Going On |

Eni-Mit, Solar Frontiers Center inaugurated

Last Tuesday, the president of the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT), Susan Hockfield, and Eni Ceo Paolo Scaroni inaugurated the Eni-Mit Solar Frontiers Center (SFC) on MIT's campus. The center is promoting research on advanced solar technology, from new photovoltaic materials to productio ...

05/06/2010 | What’s Going On |

Economic Development Ministry, Scajola has resigned

Economic development minister Claudio Scajola has announced his resignation, on the basis of media attacks he defined as “without precedents', against which he is obliged to defend himself. He reiterated that he has nothing to do with what he has been accused of, especially the claim that he receive ...


04/15/2010 | What’s Going On |

Gazprom, Miller gets Italian decoration

On April 6 at a ceremony at the Italian embassy in Moscow, the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic was conferred on Alexei Miller, the head of Gazprom. ...

04/08/2010 | What’s Going On |

Biodiesel, customs blocks biodiesel cargo in Venice

After a warning from the European Biodiesel Board (EBB), the customs authorities in the port of Venice blocked a 10,000 t quantity of imported biodiesel in Venice and Trieste mid March. The biodiesel was stated to be from Canada, but indications were that it came from the US, where biodiesel enjoys ...

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