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What’s Going On
Oct-Nov-Dec - 2010


12/30/2010 | What’s Going On |

Italian Nuclear Association, Minopoli new secretary

The governing council of the Italian nuclear association Ain has nominated Umberto Minopoli secretary general. Minopoli replaces Ugo Spezia, who will now coordinate the association's operations. Minopoli is a member of the governing council. He is 56 years old, and studied philosophy and literature ...

12/09/2010 | What’s Going On |

Adriatic LNG wins Platts Energy Award 2010

The Adriatic LNG terminal has won a prize as the best infrastructure in the world this year in the context of the 12th edition of the Platts Global Energy Awards, given to energy companies and managers who distinguished themselves for leadership, innovation and performance. The prize was given by Pl ...


11/25/2010 | What’s Going On |

Energy Authority, Catricalà chairman

The council of ministers has just named the new heads of the Energy Authority, in view of the expiration of the current mandate on Dec. 15. Antonio Catricalà, current chair of the Antitrust Authority, will be chairman. As commissars, those nominated are Alberto Biancardi, current director of the Cas ...

11/25/2010 | What’s Going On |

Consob, Vegas new chairman

The council of ministers has approved the nomination of the deputy economy minister, Giuseppe Vegas, as chairman of the bourse watchdog agency Consob. The agency has been without a chief since July 1. ...


10/14/2010 | What’s Going On |

Italy-France, Légion d'honneur for Garribba

Jean-Marc de La Sablière, France's ambassador to Italy, consigned the Légion d'honneur to Sergio Garribba, counselor for energy of the Economic Development Ministry, for his career in the energy and renewable resource sector “which took him from Italy to the United States and to France”. Moreover “S ...

10/07/2010 | What’s Going On |

Paolo Romani new economic development minister

Paolo Romani is the new economic development minister, replacing Berlusconi who has held the post temporarily after the May 4 resignation of Claudio Scajola, accused of malfeasance (see SN n. 18 2010). After taking his oath, Romani met with the three heads of department of his ministry, and then with Emma Marcegaglia, the chair of Confindustria, as well as Carlo Sangalli, chai ...

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