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What’s Going On
Jul-Aug-Sep - 2011


09/15/2011 | What’s Going On |

Luca Dal Fabbro Ceo of Domotecnica

Luca Dal Fabbro, formerly Ceo of E.On Italia, has become Ceo of Domotecnica, a Treviso company specializing in energy efficiency solutions. The company's founder, Roberto Vidori, earlier decided to sell stock in Domotecnica, which has a turnover of about 60mn, and sold 51% of it to a group of busine ...

09/08/2011 | What’s Going On |

Nuclear agency, Veronesi resigns

“An organism born weak that never took shape”. This is the motive Umberto Veronesi gave in a letter to the government explaining his resignation as head of the nuclear security agency (see SN n. 43 2010). In an interview granted the daily Il Sole 24 Ore, Veronesi explained that he had accepted “only because I had confidence in an expansive Italian project. As it is, I don't f ...


07/21/2011 | What’s Going On |

Libya, Tripoli: relations with Eni interrupted

The Qaddafi regime in Libya has stopped cooperating with Eni. According to Reuters, prime minister Al-Baghdadi Ali Al-Mahmoudi told a conference in Tripoli that they have ended “all cooperation with Eni”. The prime minister added that the government is in talks with Russian, Chinese, and American co ...

07/14/2011 | What’s Going On |

New bulk carrier Supramax for Coeclerici

The vessel Bulk Zambesi has just been delivered to Coeclerici in China. Certified by Rina, it will fly the Italian flag. It is a carrier of the Supramax type, 55,000 t, with five cranes, five bins, eight conveyor belts, a self-propelled belt loader of 37 meters and it has a capacity of 3,000 tons of ...

07/07/2011 | What’s Going On |

Energy charter, Garribba candidate as secretary

The Italian government has proposed Sergio Garribba for the post of secretary general of the Energy Charter, the treaty of cooperation among industrialized nations having as its aims development of the energy potential of central and eastern European countries, and the supply security of the EU. The ...

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