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What’s Going On
Oct-Nov-Dec - 2011


12/29/2011 | What’s Going On |

Claudio De Vincenti deputy minister for energy

Economic development minister Corrado Passera will give the deputy minister Claudio De Vincenti the delegation for energy.. De Vincenti has appeared on television to defend government growth policies and liberalization, and is said to be quick to get to the heart of problems. De Vincenti is an econo ...

12/29/2011 | What’s Going On |

Piracy, Italian oil tanker hijacked

The Italian oil tanker Enrico Ievoli has been hijacked off the coast of Oman, the ship's owner, Naples-based Marnavi, has reported. “Our ship Enrico Ievoli has been hijacked in position 18.3N - 57.6E” the company's website affirms. The crew numbers 18, of whom six are Italian. The others include fiv ...

12/22/2011 | What’s Going On |

Ecofuel celebrates 25th anniversary

Ecofuel, the 100% Eni affiliate producing and selling clean components for gasoline and methanol, is celebrating its first 25 years of activity in Italy and abroad. In its announcement, it explains that since its creation in 1986, Ecofuel has operated mainly through international joint ventures, sel ...

12/15/2011 | What’s Going On |

Energy Authority, new organization in place by January

The Energy Authority's new organization, approved definitively by the authority college after months of work on the part of all its people, will be operational beginning Jan. 1. The authority points out that the new features which complete the reorganization begun last spring with the birth of the i ...

12/15/2011 | What’s Going On |

Algeria, cooperation with Desertec

The Algerian company Sonelgaz has signed a memorandum of understanding with the European consortium Desertec, which is developing solar power in North Africa. Sonelgaz Ceo Noureddine Boutarfa and Desertec Industrial Initiative Ceo Paul Van signed the memorandum in the presence of EU energy commissio ...

12/15/2011 | What’s Going On |

Egp, expanding solar power in Sicily

With operation of the 5 MW photovoltaic plant of Barrafranca in the province of Enna, Enel Green Power's total installed capacity reaches 77 MW worldwide.The new photovoltaic installation, consisting of over 20 thousand panels, will generate over 7.2mn kWh per year, enough to meet the energy needs ...

12/01/2011 | What’s Going On |

Monti names three deputy ministers and 25 undersecretaries

On Monday, the government named a new public function minister, Filippo Patroni Griffi, formerly chief of cabinet under minister Brunetta. Three deputy ministers and 25 undersecretaries were announced at the same time. The man considered the likely choice as energy-development minister, Tullio Fanel ...

12/01/2011 | What’s Going On |

Imo, Italy again elected to executive council

Foreign affairs minister Giulio Terzi “has heard with great satisfaction the news of Italy's reelection to the Executive Council of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which took place Friday morning by acclamation in the course of the general assembly of the organization meeting in Londo ...


11/24/2011 | What’s Going On |

Socotherm, Paul DeWeese new Ceo

On Nov. 9, the board of directors of Socotherm, a leading company in thermal coatings for subsea pipelines, named Paul DeWeese its new Ceo. For many years, DeWeese has worked in the area of oilfield services first with Cameron Compression Services (Cooper Cameron) and then with CRC-Evans Internation ...

11/24/2011 | What’s Going On |

Monti's ministers

Italian premier Mario Monti is keeping the Economy Ministry for himself in the new government he has created. The other ministers named begin with Intesa Sanpaolo Ceo, Corrado Passera, for Economic Development and Infrastructure; Monti stated that the merging of the two ministries into one follows a ...

11/10/2011 | What’s Going On |

Eni, tenth edition of World Oil and Gas Review

During 2010, oil demand rose to approximately 87.9mn barrels/day: +3.4% from the previous year. This growth has been driven by non-OECD countries' increased population and pro-capita income growth, as well as by government subsidies to oil product prices.
Worldwide oil production recovered in ...


10/06/2011 | What’s Going On |

Unione Petrolifera, new forecast up to 2025

A moderate increase in total demand for energy (195.5mn toe by 2025), a reduction of oil's share (34.3% in 2025) and a parallel increase in that of natural gas (over 40% of demand in 2025) which will become the principal source of energy beginning in 2014, and a further development of renewable reso ...

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