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What’s Going On
Apr-May-Jun - 2012


06/14/2012 | What’s Going On |

The Italian Scannapieco chairman of EU investment fund

The vice president of the Eib, Dario Scannapieco, has become chairman of the European Investment Fund set up in 1994 to support small and mid-size businesses through private equity and venture capital funds. Scannapieco takes over the position from Philippe Maystadt.
The fund's communiqué notes ...


05/24/2012 | What’s Going On |

OMC2013, abstracts to be sent by July 31

Abstracts of studies intended for presentation during the next edition of the OMC in 2013 in Ravenna must be sent in by July 31, using the online registration at The news comes from an OMC email which also gives the event's date: March 20-22. The papers must not have been previously publ ...

05/03/2012 | What’s Going On |

Enel, 10mn to Edf for saying goodbye to nuclear power in Italy

Enel has received the bill for Italy's second goodbye to nuclear power. Radiocor reports that the company has paid 10mn euros to Edf, which has decided to get out of the joint venture Sviluppo Nucleare Italia in the wake of the June 2011 referendum. Enel has not dissolved the company however, and Sv ...

05/03/2012 | What’s Going On |

Putin, we are expecting Monti at the St. Petersburg Forum

Russian premier and president-elect Vladimir Putin is ready to welcome to Russia his Italian counterpart, Mario Monti, for their first meeting, as early as the next economic forum in St. Peterburg in June. Putin was speaking on the occasion of the signing of the Rosneft-Eni cooperation agreement for ...


04/26/2012 | What’s Going On |

Enel, Monti writes to Argentina's president

The nationalization of Repsol's stake in Ypf, announced by the government of Argentina on April 16th, which sparked a diplomatic crisis with Spain, also opens worrisome scenarios for Italian companies in Argentina, especially Enel. Therefore the letter that the daily Il Sole 24 Ore reports that prem ...

04/26/2012 | What’s Going On |

Mozambique, Terzi and entrepreneurs visit in May

Foreign minister Giulio Terzi will visit Ethiopia and Mozambique May 3-4 with a delegation of entrepreneurs interested in investment prospects there. The ministry announcement stressed that the interest in Ethiopia mainly concerns infrastructures, while that in Mozambique is focused on the energy se ...

04/19/2012 | What’s Going On |

About Iea decision to switch from Platts to Argus

The International Energy Agency has decided to conduct its own analyses using crude spot prices published by Argus Media rather than Platts. The latest edition of the Oil Market Report details the types of price quotation for which the change has already taken place.
The Iea's switch is based o ...

04/12/2012 | What’s Going On |

Enel, Ceo Conti now on board of Rcs (Corriere della Sera)

Enel Ceo Fulvio Conti has been elected to join the board of Rcs, the company in control of the daily newspaper Il Corriere della Sera. Rcs confirmed the news on the occasion of the renewal of the board after the departure of Diego della Valle. Conti will represent Mediobanca, the principal sharehold ...

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