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Oil Market

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03/21/2013 | Oil Market |

Chevron, Lubex to handle Texaco lubricant sales in Italy

Chevron Lubricants has assigned to Lubex SpA of Milan sales of Texaco lubricants in Italy. Chris Dyer, Export sales manager of Chevron Lubricants, explained that “Italy is an important market for us, and we are happy to be able to face the challenge of the market with Lubex; in Italy we have had yea ...

03/21/2013 | Oil Market |

Scaroni, “big discount” did not make customers faithful

Eni's summer discount campaign to hold onto its market share did not succeed (see SN n. 7 2013), Ceo Paolo Scaroni confessed to journalists at the close of the presentation of the company's strategies in London. Answering a query from Staffetta on the disappointing effects of Riparti con Eni, Scaroni affirmed that “it is substantially true, the Riparti con Eni campaign was effective enough in ...

03/21/2013 | Oil Market |

Fuel prices, from April 19, reports to ministry obligatory

The Economic Development Ministry has published, on its website, the decree concerning the obligation for fuel station managers to communicate their prices. Published last week in the Gazzetta Ufficiale, the decree extends the obligation to all stations in a series of steps. On Friday, April 19, nat ...


02/28/2013 | Oil Market |

Natural gas for vehicles, consumption in 2012 and regional data

A doubling of consumption in a ten-year period, with the figure for 2012 showing an increase (the sole section with a plus sign in the natural gas business) but still under the billion cubic meter mark. Emilia-Romagna is at the top with over 200mn m3 (almost a quarter of the total, slightly down fro ...

02/21/2013 | Oil Market |

Fuel network, Eni below 30% share

The summer “Riparti con Eni” campaign notwithstanding, Italy's market leader not only has lost customers it attracted thanks to below-cost sales, but has even seen its market share cut. The news comes from the data concerning the fourth quarterof 2012. In the third quarter, discounts gave Eni's mark ...

02/21/2013 | Oil Market |

Milan, new fuel station: Simply

The first fuel station under the brand Simply, of the Auchan group, has opened in Milan. The opening is part of an agreement with Vincenzi Petroli, which entails the opening of two other service stations by the end of March in the Milan area (already authorized last October by the Antitrust Authorit ...

02/21/2013 | Oil Market |

Decree on oil storage, monitoring system presented

Last Friday, the Economic Development Ministry presented operators with the new information technology for managing energy resource and stockpiling data. The system (Sisen) was developed by Enea. In the course of the presentation, the director for supply security, Gilberto Dialuce, spoke of deadline ...

02/14/2013 | Oil Market |

Saipem, Scaroni investigated for bribes in Algeria

Eni Ceo Paolo Scaroni is under investigation in Milan for international corruption in the context of the investigation of an alleged bribe of almost 200mn euros to get contracts for Saipem in Algeria. To win contracts for work on the Medgaz gas pipeline and the Menzel Ledjmet Est (MLE) project in jo ...

02/14/2013 | Oil Market |

Kupit, two plants in Frattamaggiore

In two Jan. 16 rulings, the Antitrust Authority authorized Kupit to lease for 15 years the branches of Segim holding two fuel distribution facilities in Frattamaggiore (Naples), one in the direction of Naples and the other in the direction of Caserta. The preliminary contract includes a non-competit ...

02/07/2013 | Oil Market |

Ies refinery risks going dry

This question has been troubling unions and operators all over northern Italy: will the conversion (or, as many fear, the shutdown) of the Eni refinery in Marghera entail interruption of the flow of crude to the Ies refinery in Mantua, which arrives through a pipeline from a Ies depot 120 km away, w ...

02/07/2013 | Oil Market |

New cars, another decline

January 2012 went badly (-16.7%), January 2013 went worse. According to Transport Ministry data, only 113,525 new cars were registered, a drop of 17.6%. The analysis of the Centro Studi Promotor of Bologna shows that this new drop (2012 ended with a fall of 19.87%) is due both to the general economi ...

02/07/2013 | Oil Market |

Falconara refinery, the year shutdown

The flames are extinguished now after 60 years of operation of the Api refinery of Falconara Marittima. The shutdown will continue for a year, with production to begin again in 2014, even though many workers fear it will be later. The shutdown was decided on by Api to make possible a transformation ...


01/31/2013 | Oil Market |

Oil stocks, decree in the Gazzetta Ufficiale

The Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 22 of Jan. 26 includes legislative decree 31 December 2012, n. 249, implementing directive 2009/119/CE which sets the obligation for member states to maintain a minimum level of crude oil stocks and/or oil products.
The decree was approved definitively by the council o ...

01/31/2013 | Oil Market |

Wholesale retail sales, Q8 expands in Trento province

Quaser, the Kupit wholesale fuel company, has acquired the branch of the Avi Ettore company engaged in selling wholesale oil products in the province of Trento. The information comes from the Antitrust Authority's bulletin n. 3 of Jan. 28, which includes the resolution, n. 24164, which gives approv ...

01/24/2013 | Oil Market |

UP, refinery processing down 5% to 68mn t

In the first ten months of 2012, Italian refineries' output fell to 68mn t, a drop of 5% from the same period of 2011. The data come from the latest edition of UP informa, the newsletter of the Unione Petrolifera. Processing of the crude of foreign customers (included in the above total) is estimate ...

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