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Jan-Feb-Mar - 2013


03/28/2013 | Electricity |

Anie Confindustria meets Enel

In 2013, the infrastructure and grid division of Enel plans on investing a total of 1100mn in its own plants, and will spend another 300mn on maintenance. The data come from the meeting at Anie Confindustria's headquarters during which Enel presented its investment plan for this year to suppliers of ...


02/28/2013 | Electricity |

Electric cars, 30-minute roadside recharge

Enel recently presented in Rome its EnelFast Recharge system for electric cars, which can recharge an electric vehicle 80%, to 43 kW, in just half an hour. The system is the most recent step forward in the partnership between Enel and Renault for developing zero-emission mobility. The first vehicle ...

02/14/2013 | Electricity |

Terna batteries, first incentives approved

With resolution 43/2013/R/eel, published last Monday, the Energy Authority has granted an added remuneration of 2% to two of Terna's pilot projects for storage of 16 MW of power as per the Defense Plan that the grid operator elaborated for Sicily and Sardinia. These are power intensive storage syste ...


01/24/2013 | Electricity |

Power lines, Austria-Italy shutdown Jan. 23, 24

Transmission on the Austria-Italy interconnecting power line was reduced to zero on Jan. 23- 24 for reasons of grid security. The announcement came from Casc, the organism for joint capacity allocation in central-western Europe. ...

01/17/2013 | Electricity |

2012 power consumption down 2.8%

Following two years of growth, in 2012 electricity demand in Italy once again dropped. Terna's early provisional data on demand in 2012 in fact registered a 2.8 % decline compared to 2011, a decrease to a level slightly below that of 2004. This represents the most significant drop since the one regi ...

01/17/2013 | Electricity |

Fuel mix, disclosure obligations for 2012

The energy services manager Gse has published procedures for producers' disclosure for 2012 of the complementary fuel mix of power transmitted to the grid and of the mix used to generate the electricity sold, as per the decree 31 July 2009. For 2012 and any rectification for 2011, disclosure will be ...

01/17/2013 | Electricity |

Oil power plants, Livorno included

The list of power plants not fired by natural gas able to access the consumption containment mechanism in the case of a gas emergency, composed of the fuel oil plants of Enel Produzione, now includes Enel's Livorno groups 1 and 2; they had earlier been excluded by the Economic Development Ministry. ...

01/10/2013 | Electricity |

Terna, 110 MW more for imports from the north

Since Jan. 1, Terna has been proceeding with an increase in power import capacity on Italy's northern border for a total of 110 MW. Of this power, 100 MW is to come from France thanks to the beginning of operations of the 380 kV Grand Ile-Albertville power line. This line, Terna reports, reflects th ...

01/10/2013 | Electricity |

Electricity, Gme-Terna agreement for coupling on Italian borders

The bourses and transmission system managers operating on Italy's borders (for Italy Gme and Terna, along with Admie, Apg, Bsp, Eles, Epex Spot, Exaa, Lagie, Rte, and Swissgrid) have begun a cooperation program for coupling day-ahead markets.
The initiative, a press release explains, is launch ...

01/10/2013 | Electricity |

Terna, 2012 development plan consultation has begun

The Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 297 of Dec. 21, 2012, includes the public consultation on Terna's “Piano di sviluppo della rete elettrica di trasmissione nazionale 2012”. The plan can be seen in its non-technical synthesis on the Environment Ministry website and will remain in consultation for the strateg ...

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