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Oct-Nov-Dec - 2007


12/20/2007 | Electricity |

Record trading on electricity bourse

New record on the Italian electricity bourse, beating that of the end of November (see SN n. 47). This time it concerns the quantities traded on Dec. 13, at six in the afternoon: 41,111 MWh. The 50th week of the year also saw Calabria as the place of the lowest average price paid, dethroning the north, traditionally the region with lowest prices. ...

12/20/2007 | Electricity |

Electricity consumption, 56,810 MW is the new record

56,810 MW is the new record for electricity consumption in Italy, reached on Monday at 5.30 P.M. That means 221 MW more than the preceding record of 56,589 MW, on July 20, 2007 (see SN n. 30), and 2,400 MW more than the winter record of 2006 (54,387 MW, Dec. 13, 2006). The more than 2,400 MW difference is even higher than the consumption of a bi ...

12/20/2007 | Electricity |

Caorso wastes heading for France

The first 34 bars of radioactive uranium have left the Caorso power plant for La Hague power plant in Normandy for reprocessing. By 2010 the transfer of all 1,032 bars will be completed, and the mayor of Caorso, Fabio Callori, said: “This is a historical event for the town, the radioactive bars will ...

12/13/2007 | Electricity |

Electricity bourse, average price down 25% in two weeks

Electricity bourse prices
Electricity bourse prices
A 6.9% drop in the average purchase price on the Italian electricity bourse last week, after the one the week before (see SN n. 47), has brought the price down to 78.41 euros, the level registered at the end of October. Compared to the peak of 104.02 euros/MWh reached during the 47th week, the drop has been 25%. There was also a 6.6% fall in the ...

12/13/2007 | Electricity |

Electricity consumption, +0.8% in November

Electricity demand in Italy in November was 28.6bn kWh, up 0.8% compared to the same month in 2006. Terna noted also that the peak demand was 55,216 MW on Nov. 21 at five in the afternoon, 3.8% higher than the peak of the same month in 2006, and 1,373 MW below the record touched on July 20 of 56,589 ...

12/06/2007 | Electricity |

Electricity bourse, after two peaks, a slide

The Italian electricity bourse has slid in the 48th week in the year, after two peaks hit in the 46th and 47th weeks. The average purchase price has dropped 19%, from 104.02 to 84.23 euro/MWh. Even more drastic was the average price during peak hours, -26.5%, from 155.03 to 113.87 euro (it had touch ...

12/06/2007 | Electricity |

Terna: + 60% interconnection with France

A 60% increase in the interconnection capacity with France and a feasibility study for new high power lines between the two countries were the subjects of an agreement signed by Flavio Cattaneo, Ceo of Terna, and Dominique Maillard, chairman of the executive committee of Rte, the French electricity ...


11/29/2007 | Electricity |

Saipem acquires nine land rigs

Hercules Offshore has reached an agreement with Petrex Sudamerica and Saipem Perfuracoes e Construcoes Petroliferas for the sale of nine land rigs and related assets. The contract provides for the sale of six rigs in Venezuela, one in Trinidad and two in the US. The total value of the deals, which s ...

11/29/2007 | Electricity |

Enel, Brussels opinion on Electrica by Dec. 21

The European Commission has stated that it will express its opinion on Enel's acquisition of the Romanian firm Electrica Muntenia Sud (Ems) by Dec. 21. On June 11, Enel announced that it had signed the contract with the Romanian privatization agency Avas for the purchase of 67.5% of Ems, which owns ...

11/15/2007 | Electricity |


In the context of the Aug. 30 decree on maximizing imports, Enel Trade has made available for November 2007 the following daily capacities: 302,000 Smc/d at the entry point of Tarvisio; 548,000 Smc/d at Passo Gries. Enel Trade at the same time declared that it was available to transport those shares ...

11/15/2007 | Electricity |


The Economic Development Ministry has emanated a decree authorizing Edison Raetia and the city of Tirano to use exclusively for 10 years the future 150 kV high power line between Tirano and Campocologno, in Switzerland (see SN n. 11, 2007, p. 4)$ ...

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