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Jan-Feb-Mar - 2008

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03/20/2008 | Electricity |

Endesa is interested in Esb's power plants in Ireland

Endesa, controlled by Enel with 61%, could make an offer for some power plants owned by the Electricity Supply Board (Esb), a state-controlled Irish utility which must reduce its market share because of antitrust rules. Business sources confirm the news, but note that the offer under discussion is n ...

03/13/2008 | Electricity |

Enel's nine candidates for the Ogk-5 board
Yukos assets to begin production in 2010

Enel has published a list of nine candidates for the new board of the Russian power generator Ogk-5 – in which it has acquired a 59.8% stake – to be submitted to stockholders at the next meeting. They are Dominique Fache, general director of Enel in Russia; Enrico Viale, head of Enel operations in R ...

03/13/2008 | Electricity |

Enel in consortium for Cernavoda reactors

Enel is one of the six companies involved in executing the plan to double nuclear production of energy in Romania.
The Italian concern is one of those chosen by Nuclearelectrica, the Romanian nuclear agency, to build two new groups, the third and fourth, each for 750 MW, at the Cernavoda plant. ...

03/06/2008 | Electricity |

Atel to sell energy beginning in July in banks and supermarkets

Beginning in July, Italians will be able to buy energy in supermarkets and banks. The Swiss company Atel, through its subsidiary Energit (headquartered in Cagliari), intends to make its debut on the retail market here through big commercial outlets rather than through ‘one to one' promotions. “Every ...

03/06/2008 | Electricity |

Enel wins contract for power plant in Greece

Enel has won the contract to build a combined cycle power plant in Livadia, in central Greece northwest of Athens. Company sources report that the Greek subsidiary of Enel, Enelco, got the contract. The gas-fired power plant will have a 447 MW capacity. Between 250 and 300mn euros will be invested, ...


02/28/2008 | Electricity |

A2A: Capra on Endesa Italia
Agreement reached, ratification not complete

Concerning the splitting of Endesa Italia between E.On and A2A “the agreement is already done, it only needs to be ratified”, Renzo Capra, chairman of the surveillance council said at the end of the shareholders meeting of A2A said. He explained that “Terni was abandoned seven months ago in favor of ...

02/28/2008 | Electricity |

Enel aims at 4bn m3/y of Lng from Qatar
Coal, 1.65bn € contract for Torre N.

Enel has created a joint venture with the Russian firm Renova Management with the goal of acquiring a stake in a gas liquefier in Qatar to guarantee supplies for itself of 4bn m3 a year of natural gas. The company has confirmed the fact after the latest report of the Audits Court on its activities. ...

02/28/2008 | Electricity |

A2A: negotiations concerning Endesa Italia to conclude by end of March

Talks concerning Endesa Italia should be completed by the end of March, according to A2A chairman Giuliano Zuccoli, who took part in Milan in the observatory on strategies in the European utilities market. “It is a very complex discussion – Zuccoli began – it is necessary to find a point of equilibr ...

02/28/2008 | Electricity |

Galsi: Wintershall leaves, Italians increase stakes

The German company Wintershall (a Basf affiliate) has sold its stake in the Galsi gas pipeline consortium, which has been distributed pro-quota among the other partners. The consortium is now Sonatrach 41.6%, Edison 20.8%, Enel 15.6%, Sfirs (region of Sardinia) 11.6%, Hera Trading 10.4%. The agreeme ...

02/21/2008 | Electricity |

Eufer, wind farm in Spain begins production

Eufer, the joint venture between Enel and Union Fenosa, has begun production at the Spanish wind farm Casa, made up of 13 wind turbines located in the provinces of Vilalba and Guitiriz (Galicia) with a total power of 30 MW. The Enel announcement added that this farm gives Eufer a total installed pow ...


01/31/2008 | Electricity |

Cip6, on CEC component Council of State sides with authority

The Council of State has declared that the authority is right in the matter of the criteria for quantifying the ‘fuel avoided component' (CEC) in calculating the Cip6 electricity prices, overturning an earlier sentence of the Lombardy administrative tribunal Tar. This ruling, n. 32/08, was expected. ...

01/24/2008 | Electricity |

Tirana okays Italy-Albania merchant line

Albania has approved the project of the Sicilian company Moncada Costruzioni, the fifth largest Italian producer of wind power, for the construction and operation of a 400 kV and 500 MW capacity underwater electricity cable to be installed from the Italian coast to that of Albania. This is the first ...

01/24/2008 | Electricity |

Rie, only1.8% of customers have switched electricity providers

Between July 1, 2007, and November 2007, only 1.8% of Italian families changed their electricity supplier, a possibility offered by complete market liberalization. As for small and mid size businesses, which have been able to opt for the free market since 2004, the percentage is 19%. The market surv ...

01/17/2008 | Electricity |

Electricity consumption: +0.7% demand 2007

Terna estimates that in 2007 electricity consumption grew 0.7% over that of 2006, reaching a total of 339.8bn KWh. In December 2007, demand increased 1.2% compared to the same month of the year before, reaching 28.6bn KWh, influenced by an extra working day and an average temperature 2.5 degrees below the seasonal standard. December was the month ...

01/17/2008 | Electricity |

Merchant line, Economic Development Ministry authorizes Mendrisio-Cagno

The Economic Development Ministry has authorized a second electricity merchant line, a 400 MW and 380 kV one planned by the FerrovieNord (region of Lombardy) and the Swiss company Aet to run from Mendrisio, in Switzerland (Canton Ticino) and Cagno, in the province of Como (see SN n. 11 16/03/07). The ministry note reporting the news observes that ...

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