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Apr-May-Jun - 2008

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06/26/2008 | Electricity |

EU approves E.On acquisition of Viesgo and Endesa Europa

The European Commission has approved the acquisition by the German concern E.On of the Spanish firm Viesgo, currently controlled by Enel, and of Endesa Europa. Cost of the operation is set at 11.8bn euros (see SN n. 14 2008). E.On's control of Viesgo and Endesa Europa will give it control of Endesa's operations in France, Poland, Italy and Turkey ...

06/26/2008 | Electricity |

Enel, coal power plant in Durazzo

Enel has presented the Albanian government two projects for construction of a coal-fired 800 MW power plant and for construction of a dock for unloading fuel. Business sources have confirmed the report of the Ice office of Tirana. Enel, which said it was interested in such a project last December, i ...

06/26/2008 | Electricity |

A2A, agreement on splitting up Endesa Italia

A2A has reached an agreement with Acciona, Enel, E.On, Endesa, Endesa Europa and Endesa Italia giving them the right to split up Endesa Italia. The Lombard utility's statement specifies that at the end of the operation, A2A will obtain ownership of some power plants in return for cancellation of its ...

06/26/2008 | Electricity |

Wilhelmshaven, ok for Electrabel power plant

Electrabel Deutschland has received authorization for construction of a coal-fired power plant in Wilhelmshaven, in northern Germany (see SN n. 14 2008). The announcement was made by the Berne electricity company BKW, which has acquired a 33% stake in the plant. Total cost will be €430mn. Preparatory work will begin by the end of the month and th ...

06/19/2008 | Electricity |

Enel on short list for Albanian grid privatization

Enel, the Czech company Cez and the Austrian ones Evn and the Styria region's utility are on the short list for privatization of Albania's electricity distribution system Kesh. The Albanian economy minister asked the four companies to present an offer for the auction which will be concluded in Septe ...

06/12/2008 | Electricity |

Nuclear, Conti: five 1,800 MW plants

Enel is planning on five 1800 MW nuclear energy plants in the coming years. Enel Ceo Fulvio Conti told the daily La Repubblica that “without nuclear power there is no solution for the energy problem”. He added that Italy “is already a nuclear country since it imports electricity produced in nuclear ...

06/12/2008 | Electricity |

Enel completely out of telecommunications, takes in 1.025bn euros

Enel has received 1.025bn euros from Weather Investments II, the holding company of the Egyptian entrepreneur Naguib Sawiris, as final payment on the sale of the 26.1% stake Enel held in Weather Investments. Enel notes that that company in turn holds all the stock in Wind Telecomunicazioni and more ...

06/12/2008 | Electricity |

Saudi Arabia plans a link to Egyptian electricity grid

Saudi Electricity Co. (SEC) and Egyptian Electricity Holding Co. (EEHC) are interested in a project, now awaiting governmental approval, to build a link between the Saudi and Gulf countries' electricity grid and that of Cairo, with an extension to the European grid. The feasibility study is in the h ...

06/05/2008 | Electricity |

Berisha, ready to build nuclear plants in Albania for Italy

“Our country is open to atomic energy… I have not yet spoken of it with the Italian government because the preceding one was antinuclear. With Berlusconi instead everything is changing”: Albanian premier Sali Berisha also told the Corriere della Sera that “there is an Italian group that came to disc ...


05/29/2008 | Electricity |

Electricity, Antitrust Authority rejects companies' commitments concerning incorrect practices

The Antitrust Authority has rejected the commitments offered by the main electricity companies to close the investigation over incorrect commercial practices on the part of Enel, Eni, AceaElectrabel, Aem, Asm, Trenta, Enìa, Mpe and Italcogim. Sources near the authority emphasize that the law foresee ...

05/08/2008 | Electricity |

Terna, Eib finalizes agreement for Sapei

Terna and the European Investment Bank (Eib) have finalized their agreement (see SN n. 13 2008), concerning construction of a new underwater high tension cable to link mainland Italy and Sardinia, called Sapei. The €300mn loan will help cover a total investment of about 700mn. Terna has explained that “the loan will last 20 years and will be reim ...


04/30/2008 | Electricity |

Edison, merchant line work begins

Work started on construction of the first alternate current merchant line in Europe, being built by Edison and the Swiss company Raetia to link the electrical stations of Campocologno in Switzerland with Tirano in Italy. Edison's statement explained that the 150 kV line will be 4.4km long and will b ...

04/30/2008 | Electricity |

A2A: buy-back plan completed,
Group gets 1.51% of share capital

A2A's buy-back program has come to a conclusion, with the result that the company owns a total of 1.51% of its own stock. As scheduled, meantime (see SN n. 14 2008), the supervisory council for A2A unanimously approved the 2007 financial statements of Aem, Asm Brescia and Amsa. The council, chaired by Renzo Capra, meanwhile approved the proposal ...

04/24/2008 | Electricity |

Enel is discussing spin-off of part of grid it still owns with Terna
Asset to go to Gazprom for $200-250mn

Enel is talking to Terna about the sale of the last part of the transmission grid it still owns, and it will not request better offers from others until the talks are concluded, Ceo Fulvio Conti said during the International Energy Forum. "We are dealing with Terna", he reported during a press confe ...

04/24/2008 | Electricity |

France, Enel associating with four producers

Five electricity generators in France, including Enel, have set up an association of suppliers of electricity to industry and services (Afelins). The other members are the Swiss company Atel, the Spanish one Endesa, the German ones E.On and Hew. The new association explains that its goal is “to prom ...

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