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Oct-Nov-Dec - 2008

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12/23/2008 | Electricity |

Terna takes over AT network from Enel

Last Friday, an agreement was signed for Terna to take over 100% of the capital of Enel Linee Alta Tensione, a company belonging entirely to Enel Distribuzione, in exchange for 152mn to be paid in full at the moment of closing, with a price adjustment made for eventual variations in the net assets o ...

12/23/2008 | Electricity |

Porto Tolle, Enel: “either Eia or Albania”

“If by the middle of February the authorization of the project for conversion to coal, blocked in the Eia Commission, is not completed, Enel will undertake a project for an analogous construction in Albania (see SN n. 23 2005)”. The ultimatum came from Enel through the mouth of its man responsible for big infrastructure projects, Ennio Fano, as a reaction to yet another postpo ...

12/18/2008 | Electricity |

Imports of electricity, decree published

There is more import-export capacity thanks to the Swiss merchant lines, and 15% of the earnings from allocation of capacity will be reserved for the Single Buyer, as opposed to 20% last year (see SN n. 1, 2008, p. 6). These are the two key points of the ministerial decree on electricity imports for ...

12/11/2008 | Electricity |

Enel and Smart to work on electric car

With “e-mobility Italy”, Smart and Enel are engaging in a big world-class project on electric vehicles, which will make possible distribution and efficient use of such cars beginning in 2010 in the cities of Rome, Pisa and Milan. The agreement was signed by Enel Ceo Fulvio Conti and by Bram Schot, c ...

12/04/2008 | Electricity |

E.On to hold 100% of Mpe Energia

E.On has signed a contract for the acquisition of 50% of Mpe Energia from Fineldo, a holding company controlled by the Vittorio Merloni group. A company statement explains that with this operation, which will require approval of the antitrust authorities, E.On, which already owned 50% thanks to its ...

12/04/2008 | Electricity |

Moncada, work in Albania to begin in first half of 2009

After approval by the Economic Development and Environment ministries in August (see SN n. 33 2008), Moncada has made another step towards construction of a 500 MW wind plant in Albania and its underwater link with Italy, for which work is to begin in the first half of 2009. In Tirana, Moncada Energy Ceo Salvatore Moncada has signed a commitment to begin construction as soon ...


11/27/2008 | Electricity |

Electricity, interruptions down in 2007

Interruptions in domestic electrical service were sharply down in 2007, and the gap between north and south was also reduced, according to the Energy Authority, which has rewarded operators for good service and penalized those with poor results. Total duration of interruptions last year dropped from ...

11/27/2008 | Electricity |

Torre Nord, first production test

The initial test of the first of the three groups of the new coal-fired power plant of Torre Valdaliga Nord was successful (see SN n. 44 2008). Enel noted that it was a real test, even if the capacity involved was highly limited. The linkup with the national transmission grid occurred using natural gas, a fuel normally used in early testing. Once the test phase is over, the pl ...

11/27/2008 | Electricity |

Electricity, Edison and LifeGate launch zero emission offer

Edison and the eco-sustainable platform LifeGate are launching “ZeroE”, an offer of electricity totally generated by renewable resources in Edison plants, where even indirect emissions of CO2 are compensated for (those generated by collateral activities like construction of the plants and transport ...

11/20/2008 | Electricity |

Enel, antitrust fines of 435,000 euros for incorrect commercial practices

The Antitrust Authority has fined Enel 435,000 euros for incorrect commercial behavior. The first fine, of 210,000 euros, was inflicted on Enel Servizio Elettrico; the second, 225,000, on Enel Energia. The Antitrust Authority's weekly bulletin no. 39, provision 19.000, declares that the two companie ...

11/20/2008 | Electricity |

Edison, 3rd quarter profit +80%,
Robin Hood tax affects nine month results

Edison ended the third quarter of 2008 with a net profit of 117mn euros, up 80% over the same period in 2007. The net result for nine months was 219mn, down 31.8%, with the Robin Hood tax having a 106mn impact. Net of that tax, the net result is slightly up, according to a company statement. ...

11/20/2008 | Electricity |

Enel: Endesa, foreign operations and power generation boost nine-month results

Enel closed the first nine months of the year with increased results, boosted (as was already the case for the first half of the year) by the consolidation of Endesa and the general performance of the international and generation divisions. Revenues were up to 45.302bn euros (+57.5%), Ebitda at 11.3 ...

11/13/2008 | Electricity |

Torre Nord, coal tests have begun

The first test on coal use at the Enel power plant at Torre Valdaliga Nord has taken place. From the 20,000 t coal ship “Trolles”, 8,200 t of coal were taken by truck to test the mills that will grind the mineral. The vehicles were covered to minimize dispersal of dust in the air. Staffetta has lear ...

11/06/2008 | Electricity |

Enel, Mochovce nuclear power plant completion begins

Enel's Mochovce nuclear power plant in Slovakia is to be completed at a cost of 2.775bn euros. The two new units 3 and 4, for a total of 880 MW, will be linked to the Slovakian grid in 2012 and 2013 respectively and will cover more than 22% of that country's demand. The Slovakian nuclear authority h ...

11/06/2008 | Electricity |

Terna in the sights of Libyan funds

Tripoli ready to invest 50mn

Libyan funds are aiming to get a stake in Terna. Radiocor has heard that Libya is carefully evaluating the Italian company with the intention of investing 50mn euros in it, or about 1% of its stock, a figure that could increase to as much as 100mn. That means that the range of listed companies seen ...

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