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Jan-Feb-Mar - 2009

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03/26/2009 | Electricity |

Conference on Italy-Tunisia interconnection

The Environment Ministry, in cooperation with the Tunisian industry and energy ministries and with MEDREC, has organized a round table discussion on “The role of the Italy-Tunisia electrical interconnection in development of renewable energies”, to be held in Tunis on March 27. A ministry note says ...

03/26/2009 | Electricity |

Torre Nord, group 1 in full operation

At the beginning of March, the coal-fired group 1 of the Enel power plant at Torre Valdaliga Nord near Civitavecchia reached “full charge” in its testing phase, putting into operation for the first time of all its 660 MW of power. The power plant, Staffetta has learned, now produces electricity at a ...

03/20/2009 | Electricity |

Balkans, Scajola's energy mission

In early March, some understandings on energy cooperation between Italy, Serbia and Albania were signed after economic development minister Claudio Scajola had signed a protocol of understanding with Serbia on March 9, which entails construction of hydroelectric plants in Serbia and the Republic of ...

03/20/2009 | Electricity |

Friuli Venezia Giulia, electricity link with Slovenia presented

The Vrtojba-Gorizia-Redipuglia electricity power line will require 30mn euros, the chairman of Gorizia's multi-utility Iris, Armando Querin, said in his presentation of the project last week. Noting that the 16 km underground cable will cross the municipalities of Savogna, Sagrado, San Pier d'Isonzo ...

03/12/2009 | Electricity |

Antitrust Authority, ok to Hera-BKW's control of Ortona plant

The Antitrust Authority has approved Hera and BKW's project to take control of Tamarete Energia, which is going to construct a 104 MW gas-fired combined-cycle power plant in Ortona, Switzerland, with respective stakes of 32% and 48%, as laid out in their December agreement. Tamarete's board will be ...

03/12/2009 | Electricity |

EU, inspection of Caorso and Latina reported

The EU has published the positive results of inspections of radioactivity levels in water, air, and soil at the Caorso and Latina sites, resulting from inspections conducted in May 2006. The final reports may be seen as attachments on the Staffetta website. ...

03/12/2009 | Electricity |

Enel concludes modernization of Maritza East 3

Enel has finished its modernization of the Maritza East 3 thermoelectric plant in Bulgaria, bringing it up to EU standards (see SN n. 18 2007). Total investment was 700mn euros. The renewal was completed a month early and then the plant was linked to the country's grid. The de-sulfuring plant makes it possible to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 94%, and the total capacity o ...


02/12/2009 | Electricity |

Acegas-Aps, Enel and Tei partners in Italy-Slovenia merchant line

At Enel's headquarters in Rome, on Feb 5, Acegas-Aps SpA, Enel SpA and Tei SpA signed the act establishing Adria Link Srl, located in Gorizia. A press release explains that Adria Link, in which the partners hold equal stakes, will build and manage interconnecting electricity infrastructures between ...

02/12/2009 | Electricity |

Terna, details of 2009-2013 plan

Terna's 2009-2013 strategic plan, presented last Tuesday in Milan, foresees investments of 3.4bn euros (300mn more than in the preceding plan) of which 2.6bn allocated for development of the grid. Of these, 2.3bn concern investments in projects already included in the national development plan, and ...


01/29/2009 | Electricity |

Enel, 700mn in Romania in the next five years

Enel is confirming its commitment to Romania, which entails investments of 700mn euros in the next five years to modernize the grid and develop energy generation. This came out in the meeting on “Romania and Italy, opportunities for development” organized in Bucharest by Enel and Ania-Confindustria. ...

01/29/2009 | Electricity |

Malta, electricity grid connected to Sicily by 2012

Enemalta Corporation's project to link the grids of Malta and Sicilia by 2012 is predicted by a technical delegation of Terna, Italy's grid operator, to be a likelihood. The delegation visited Malta recently. In September, Enemalta Corporation had commissioned a feasibility study concerning the link ...

01/22/2009 | Electricity |

Electricity bourse, higher prices in 2008, but gap with rest of Europe narrows

In 2008, electricity traded on the bourse increased 4.8% over 2007 to 232.6 TWh, out of a total of 337 TWh traded in the Italian system. The data comes from the electricity market manager Gme in its latest newsletter. The liquidity of the Ipex, the report says, has thus increased to 69.0%, with hou ...

01/22/2009 | Electricity |

Enel sends two generators to Gaza

Enel, in coordination with the Foreign Ministry, has decided to send two generators to help the population of Gaza hurt by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The company explains that the machines have a 30 kilovolt ampere capacity each and are intended for use in hospitals and other civil purposes ...

01/15/2009 | Electricity |

Endesa, crisis may facilitate exit of Acciona
but Enel will only buy prudently

The credit crisis and the end of the real-estate boom in Spain may accelerate the exit from Endesa of Acciona, an Iberian construction company which is Enel's partner in the Spanish company, according to the Financial Times, which commented also that Enel was not likely to sign up unless the deal is ...

01/08/2009 | Electricity |

Electricity, Gazzetta Ufficiale publishes decree on imports in 2009

Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 303 of Dec. 30 has published the decree of the Economic Development Ministry of Dec. 11 setting modalities and conditions for electricity imports in 2009 as well as the directives of the Single Buyer concerning multi-year import contracts. The text of the decree (“Determinazion ...

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