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Apr-May-Jun - 2009

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06/18/2009 | Electricity |

Enel starts process to authorization for merchant line with Albania

At the beginning of March, Enel presented requests to the appropriate ministries for authorization for construction and operation of its merchant line with Albania. The announcement appeared recently in the newspapers. Enel Produzione explains that the 500 kV cable, of a capacity of 500 MW, will be ...

06/11/2009 | Electricity |

Edison, €195,000 Antitrust Authority fine

The Antitrust Authority has fined Edison 195,000 euros for incorrect commercial practice under articles 20 and 22, paragraph 1, of the Consumer Code, “insofar as it was contrary to professional diligence and tended to alter the behavior of the average consumer that it was aimed at”. The ruling 19.89 ...

06/11/2009 | Electricity |

Hydroelectric power, agreement for SECI in Serbia

Last Monday, the chairman of SECI Energia, Gaetano Maccafferi, and the director general of Serbian Electric Power Industry, Dragomir Markovic, signed a preliminary agreement to conduct feasibility studies for the construction of hydroelectric plants on nine sites along the Ibar River in Serbia. The ...

06/05/2009 | Electricity |

Edison in short list for Serbian power plants

Serbia's state power company Elektroprivreda Srbije (Eps) has shortlisted Edison along with Rwe, Cez, EnBW and Aes to build two coal-fired power plants of 700 MW capacity each. Serbia is looking for strategic partners to open the national market to competition, and through Eps it published a tender ...


05/28/2009 | Electricity |

Edipower renews Mese hydroelectric plant

Last Monday, Edipower inaugurated the new groups at the Mese hydroelectric plant, thanks to which the plant now has another 100 years of useful activity ahead of it. The renewal concerned a partial re-do of five generation groups, operating since April 2008, made up of five turbo-alternators with Pe ...

05/28/2009 | Electricity |

AU: auction in 12 sessions for 2009 and 2010

Italy's Single Buyer (AU - Acquirente Unico) has published the procedure for the twelve auction sessions to select the winners of differential contracts for the second half of 2009 (six sessions) and of physical bilateral ones for 2010 (six sessions). More details at ...

05/28/2009 | Electricity |

Power plants, Environment Ministry okays 2,000 MW

The Environment Ministry's environmental protection directorate has emanated four positive Eia decrees, with prescriptions, for construction of three natural gas combined cycle plants and the expansion of a cogeneration plant for a total of 1,980 MW. The May 7 decrees can be seen on our website.

05/07/2009 | Electricity |

Electricity market, reform gets started

Economic development minister Claudio Scajola has signed the decree for the reform of the electricity market. An intraday market is planned, as well as a forward electricity market, beginning Oct. 31. The dispatching market will be reformed by January 2010, then will be integrated with the intraday ...


04/24/2009 | Electricity |

Trieste, 400 MW gas power plant for Lucchini

Lucchini (the steel producer) is to build a 400 MW gas-fired power plant in the former Esso area of Trieste's industrial port. A memorandum of understanding was signed last Monday in Trieste by the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, the province and municipality of Trieste, and Lucchini. The plant is to ...

04/24/2009 | Electricity |

Enel competing for two hydroelectric plants in Macedonia

Enel, Verbund and a consortium made up of Rwe and Hse are competing to get the contract to build two hydroelectric plants, having a total capacity of 526 MW, in Macedonia. The Macedonian economy minister announced that a commission will shortlist all companies respecting the conditions of the compet ...

04/24/2009 | Electricity |

Albania, Enel coal-fired power plant project in parliament

Enel's environmental impact study for its coal-fired power plant project at Porto Romano, near Durazzo, is under study at the commission for productive activities in the Albanian parliament. Porto Romano was chosen for it nearness both to Durazzo, Albania's main port, and to the power lines between ...

04/16/2009 | Electricity |

Enel, dams in Abruzzi ok

There is no reason for alarm over risks to the hydroelectric basins in Abruzzi and the Campotosto dam, according to an Enel statement in response to reports in the local press. Checks made immediately after the earthquake showed that no damage had been wrought on the hydroelectric infrastructures of ...

04/16/2009 | Electricity |

Electricity imports at 65.87 €/MWh

The sale price for electricity imported from Switzerland for the second quarter of 2009 has fallen to 65.87 euros/MWh from the 78 of the first quarter. The price is determined according to the criterion defined in point 4 of ruling n. 329/07 of the Energy Authority. The report comes from the Single ...

04/16/2009 | Electricity |

Cip6, sale price 65.87 €/MWh

For the second quarter of 2009 the price for assignment of Cip6 rights provided for in art. 3, paragraph 4, of the decree of the Economic Development Ministry of Nov. 25, 2008, is 65.87 €/MWh. ...

04/09/2009 | Electricity |

Electricity consumption: March -7%, quarter -7.9%

March use of electricity fell to 26.6bn kWh, a drop of 7% over March 2008. Adjusted for the two more working days and slightly colder temperature, the variation downwards increases to 9%. Added to the drops of January and February, the first quarter decline was 7.9% (7% considering parity of work da ...

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