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Apr-May-Jun - 2010

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06/25/2010 | Electricity |

Eni/1, Puglia presents recourse against Taranto power plant

The region of Puglia is presenting a recourse to the Tar administrative court of Lazio against decree 209 of 2010 in which the ministries of the environment and culture expressed their favorable view of the environmental compatibility of Eni Power's proposal to build a 240 MW combined-cycle plant on ...

06/25/2010 | Electricity |

Electricity, new auction procedure

Acquirente Unico is introducing a new auction system for periodically supplying the electricity captive market based on an internet portal for on-line auctions. The purpose is to make auction results more rapid. The system was presented on June 22 in Rome at the AU headquarters. ...

06/25/2010 | Electricity |

Enel signs understanding with Rushydro

Enel and Rushydro, Russia's principal hydroelectric company, have signed an agreement for cooperation in the energy sector. The two firms will analyze joint commercial and investment opportunities especially in renewable resource projects in Russia and in the sale of electricity to retail customers. ...

06/25/2010 | Electricity |

Sicilian power cable, two obstacles removed

The Environment Ministry has modified the Eia decree of July 2009 for the above-ground part of the power cable to link Sicily to the continent from Sorgente to Rizziconi (see SN n. 12 2009), eliminating two prescriptions, D1 and E1, relative to protection of birds, because investigation has shown that mitigation measures planned by the proponent Terna are sufficient to deal wi ...

06/25/2010 | Electricity |

Porto Tolle, services conference on July 1

The Economic Development Ministry has called a services conference on July 1 to decide on the authorization procedures for converting the Enel Porto Tolle (Rovigo) power plant to clean coal. The ministry wanted to demonstrate that the technical studies necessary before the work begins are coming to ...

06/17/2010 | Electricity |

Power plants, new 3,220 MW operative in 2010

The year 2010 will witness creation of 3,220 new MW of thermoelectric capacity from natural gas and coal in Italy. The latest Economic Development Ministry report on authorizations of new plants with more than 300 MW capacity shows that the total expected for the period 2003-2013 has risen 400 MW to ...

06/17/2010 | Electricity |

Nuclear power, A2A interested in joining E.On-Gdf Suez partnership

A2A might want to join the recently announced alliance between France's Gdf Suez and Germany's E.On for exploration of new opportunities in the nuclear power business in Italy (see SN n. 23 2010). The announcement came from chairman of the utility's board of management Giuliano Zuccoli, who called the alliance “very interesting”, and added that “we have not yet reflected but t ...

06/10/2010 | Electricity |

Nuclear power, E.On/Gdf Suez now allies in Italy

A second alliance has been formed thanks to Italy's return to nuclear power. After the one between Edf and Enel, E.On and Gdf Suez have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the development of the nuclear market here, confirming their will to participate actively in the process. The two com ...

06/03/2010 | Electricity |

Alcoa law, green light from Brussels

The European Commission has approved the “Alcoa” decree, converted into law 41/10, which by permitting a new interruptible electricity service makes it possible for high-energy consuming industries in Sardinia and Sicily to reduce their expenses for power. The EU antitrust authority has decided that ...


05/27/2010 | Electricity |

E.On, Fiume Santo environmental approval

The Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 115 of May 19 contains the report of the integrated environmental authorization Aia for operation of the Fiume Santo power plant owned by E.On Produzione. The environmental approval was granted with the environment minister's decree n. DVA/DEC/2010/0000207 of April 26, 2010 ...

05/27/2010 | Electricity |

Italy-Slovenia agreement on nuclear safety

Italy and Slovenia reached an agreement in Trieste last Monday, with environment ministers Stefania Prestigiacomo and Roko Zarnic, concerning security and reciprocal information in the matter of nuclear power. Prestigiacomo says it is an agreement analogous to the one signed with France, with others ...

05/20/2010 | Electricity |

Nuclear power/1, 800mn allocated by Enel

Enel has allocated 800mn euros for getting back into nuclear power, for which the company aims to construct four Epr reactors. The news comes from financial director Luigi Ferraris who made a conference call to present the company's first quarter results. Asked by an analyst why the business plan di ...

05/20/2010 | Electricity |

Nuclear power/2, Westinghouse: AP1000 best adapted to Italy

Westinghouse is proposing its AP1000 nuclear technology to all the big European utilities which have interests in Italy (see SN n. 38 2009). The man in charge of international development at the US company, Gary Shuttleworth, reported the news while commenting during a press conference on the rumor that an agreement has been reached by Gdf and E.On to create a second nuclear p ...

05/20/2010 | Electricity |

Tunisia power plants: Enel, Edison and Sorgenia among candidates

Twelve companies, including Enel, Edison and Sorgenia, have presented themselves for prequalification for construction of the 1,200 MW power plant complex in Tunisia, part of whose production will be exported to Italy (see SN n. 17 2010). The announcement was made in Tunis by European affairs minister Andrea Ronchi, who explained, according to the Ansa news agency, that this p ...

05/06/2010 | Electricity |

Enel, Conti is confident of approval of Chile hydroelectric project

Enel Ceo Fulvio Conti has met with Chilean authorities to discuss the controversial HidroAysen hydroelectric project. The project will require an investment of about $3.2bn and will entail construction of five dams. Critics protest that the transmission cable will have to cross almost 2,000 km of un ...

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