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Jul-Aug-Sep - 2010

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09/30/2010 | Electricity |

Cip6, 166mn in payments not owed

The Energy Authority and the compensation office for the electricity sector have discovered 166mn euros of incentives under the Cip6 improperly paid to renewable resource plants or those assimilated to them. The report is based on five years of auditing the payments, and the money which has been rec ...

09/30/2010 | Electricity | E.V.

Nuclear power, Enel: without the agency, schedule slips

Clini warns against the waiting game

Delays in setting up the nuclear safety agency, which should have taken place before this summer began, are creating ill-humor both in the business community and in the ministries. Enel, the company that along with Edf is to build the first four nuclear power plants in Italy, has stated that if the ...

09/30/2010 | Electricity |

Hydroelectric power, positive Eia for Edipower pumping stations in Somplago

The Environment Ministry has granted Edipower a positive Eia with prescriptions for construction of two new groups of reversible generation for the hydroelectric plant of Somplago in the province of Friuli. Reversible generation means that the plant can re-pump the water back upstream when demand is ...

09/23/2010 | Electricity |

E.On, electric scooters in 73 Italian cities

E.On is presenting electric scooters in 73 Italian cities beginning in Milan, where they are already available for guests at the Hotel Executive of the Atahotels chain. The e-scooter of E.On, the company explains, is powered by a 1,500 Watt silicon battery and has a range of up to 40 km.
The pr ...

09/16/2010 | Electricity |

Italian ministry approves merchant line with Austria

The director general for nuclear power, renewable energy, and energy efficiency of the energy department of the Economic Development Ministry, Sara Romano, has signed the decree for the first merchant line for importing electricity from Austria managed by private parties and supported by regulatory ...

09/16/2010 | Electricity |

E.On offers 135 MW of virtual capacity in Sardinia

E.On has announced that it is granting virtual productive capacity for 2011. E.On Energy Trading has begun the procedure according to art. 30, paragraph 9, of law 99/09 (development law) and the Energy Authority ruling Arg/elt 115/09 of 17 August2009. Virtual productive capacity of 135 MW will be au ...

09/09/2010 | Electricity |

Turboden, first plant in Croatia

Turboden, a Brescia firm belonging to Pratt & Whitney Power Systems Company (UTC group) which builds turbines based on the organic Rankine Cycle (Orc), thanks to approval of incentives for plants that produce electric power from solid biomass with sizes under 1Mwe, Turboden is entering the Croatian ...

09/02/2010 | Electricity |

Nuclear burdens 2009: 217mn euros

The Energy Authority has published its June 11 ruling approving Sogin's expenses in 2009 for the decommissioning of the old Italian nuclear plants. Ruling ARG/elt 86/10 quantifies the burdens at 217.42mn euros, a sum of the following components: external costs for decommissioning, 56.70mn; external ...

09/02/2010 | Electricity |

Electricity, Italy-Slovenian agreement on market coupling

On Aug. 27, at the Economy Ministry of Slovenia, a memorandum of understanding between that ministry and the Italian Economic Development Ministry on the principles and goals of electricity market coupling was signed. Its goal is to support the process of allocation of cross-border power transmissi ...

09/02/2010 | Electricity |

Energy Authority, switching power suppliers increases

Over three years after the complete opening of the electricity market for all consumers on July 1, 2007, more than 3.2mn households and 1.2mn small businesses have changed their supply companies, a total of more than 4.4mn, or 12.2% of the total, with an increase in switching of 4% in the last year. ...


08/26/2010 | Electricity |

Sicily: Enel, Edipower and tollers' commitments to avoid antitrust fine

Enel will put a ceiling on its power prices in Sicily: 190 euros a MWh for all of 2011. That amounts to a discount of 14% on the earlier price planned for the year – with a possible extension and updating on the basis of fundamental trends as well as possible costs of acquisition of emission quotas ...


07/30/2010 | Electricity |

Brindisi Sud, new ministerial conditions

With decree n. 02/2010 MD of July13, the Economic Development Ministry has authorized Enel to build and operate the coal-fired “Federico II” power plant in Brindisi Sud. Prescriptions now have been added to the project described in the May 25, 2009 document n. 0020371 on covering coal yards (see SN n. 21 2010). Conditions include the requirement that the plant project thus mod ...

07/30/2010 | Electricity |

Nuclear power, Veronesi: five reasons to say yes to the agency

“Dear Editor, I insist on clarifying some things concerning my possible nomination as chairman of the nuclear agency”. Thus begins the letter sent by Democratic Party senator Umberto Veronesi to Il Corriere della Sera, for the purpose of stating the conditions for his acceptance. “Firstly, the decis ...

07/22/2010 | Electricity |

Consumption of electricity, peak power last Friday

Preliminary data published on the Terna website mark July 16, the hottest day of the year, as the one when demand for electrical power peaked, with the 56,476 MW reached only slightly lower than the earlier record of 56,589 MW reached on July 20, 2007 (see SN n. 30 2007). Terna told Staffetta that the preliminary July data will be confirmed at the beginning of August, however. ...

07/22/2010 | Electricity |

Torre Nord power plant, group 3 operative

After being tested with natural gas and coal, the 660 MW group 3 of Enel's Torre Valdaliga Nord power plant has begun commercial operations. Staffetta has learned that the plant is producing 1500 MWh out of its 1980 MW capacity, bringing coal up to 35% of Enel's energy mix. The plant will produce 16 ...

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