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Jan-Feb-Mar - 2011


03/31/2011 | Electricity |

Electricity links, new France-Italy power line

The Economic Development Ministry has okayed Terna's new power line linking Italy and France, the Piemonte-Savoia line, as well as the Dolo-Camin one in Italy's northeast. The new connection with France consists of a two parallel continuous current cables of 500 MW each from Piossasco, near Turin, r ...

03/24/2011 | Electricity |

Terna: Sapei power link inaugurated

It is the longest electricity bridge in the world: 435 km, 1000 MW. It connects Fiumesanto, in Sardinia, to Latina, in Lazio, reaching a record depth of 1,640 m. The new underwater cable Sapei (acronym for Sardinia, Peninsula, Italy), was inaugurated last week on the 150th anniversary of Italy's uni ...

03/24/2011 | Electricity |

Nuclear power, Conti: we will respect an eventual change of mind but it would be an error

At the very height of the Japanese nuclear crisis, Enel Ceo Fulvio Conti asked people not to make judgments impelled by emotions, affirming at the same time that his company would respect any decision the government and parliament made on the return to nuclear power in Italy, including a change of m ...


02/10/2011 | Electricity |

Terna, competition for new Italy-France power line

Terna and RTE have begun the prequalification bid procedure for construction of a 1,200 MW power line between France and Italy, as per their 2007 agreement. Offers must be received by noon on Feb. 28. The infrastructure will consist of a bipolar HVDC cable made up of two 600 MW modules with four ext ...


01/27/2011 | Electricity |

Terna, Economic Development Ministry authorizes Priolo-Melilli lines

The director general for nuclear power, renewable resources, and efficiency, Rosaria Romano, has signed the decree authorizing two 380 kV buried power cables between the electrical stations of Priolo and Melilli in the province of Siracusa. The Jan. 12 decree specifies that the laying of the cables ...

01/27/2011 | Electricity |

Virtual imports, Terna has selected shippers

Terna has published the list of shippers it has chosen to be available for high-energy consumers who adhere to the interconnector mechanism under art. 32 of Law 99/09 for the incremental capacity of 500 MW acquired in Germany (see SN n. 3 2011). The list can be seen as an attachment on our website. Eight firms were chosen out of the 27 which presented offers for the virtual i ...

01/27/2011 | Electricity |

Adria Link, Italy-Slovenia merchant line approved

Two years after creation of the company, Adria Link, owned by Enel Produzione, Acegas-Aps and Tei-Energy, has received from the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia authorization to build and manage the cross-border merchant line to Slovenia “Zaule-Dekani”. The infrastructure will flank two existing line ...

01/27/2011 | Electricity |

Sogin, activities to focus on decommissioning and technology park

Sogin Ceo Giuseppe Nucci, in his Jan. 14 presentation of the company's new organization, stressed his intention to focus activities on decommissioning and the technology park. He also affirmed that talks were underway to acquire 100% of the share capital of Nucleco. In meeting with the unions Flaei, ...

01/20/2011 | Electricity |

Saipem, $1bn in onshore contracts

Saipem has won new onshore contracts worth about a billion dollars. In Australia, Gladstone LNG Operations Pty Ltd awarded Saipem the EPC contract for the engineering, procurement and construction of a gas pipeline, 42 inches in diameter and 435 km long, which will connect the gas fields in the Bowe ...

01/20/2011 | Electricity |

Interconnector, firms selected for 500 MW with Austria

Terna has published the list of companies allocated the added 500 MW made available for the interconnector service for high-consumption customers under art. 32 of law 99/09, in implementation of decree 3/10. The list, available as an attachment on our website, includes 35 firms which will be able to ...

01/20/2011 | Electricity |

Capacity payment, Energy Authority postpones deadline

The Energy Authority has postponed to Jan. 28 the deadline for sending in comments on consultation document DCO 38/10, about capacity payment. Terna, meanwhile, has specified the days in 2011 considered critical for the electricity system during which, in implementation of the currently operative ca ...

01/13/2011 | Electricity |

Porto Tolle, approval for conversion to coal

Green light from the Economic Development Ministry for the conversion to coal of Enel's Porto Tolle thermoelectric power plant near Rovigo. A press release explains that the ruling was handed down after a positive Eia and an agreement with the region of Veneto (see SN n. 29 2010). That means the plant will be able to operate with three coal-fired sections and partially with bi ...

01/13/2011 | Electricity |

Terna, virtual imports: deadline for requests expired

The deadline for taking part in the procedure to select those who will make a commitment to conduct the service of “virtual imports” of electricity from Feb. 1 to Dec. 31 expired at four in the afternoon on Jan. 13. The procedure is an aspect of the interconnector plan set out in law 99/09. Choices ...

01/07/2011 | Electricity |

Ministry authorizes Bkw power plant in Benevento

The Economic Development Ministry has authorized Luminosa Srl, a subsidiary of the Swiss firm Bkw, to build a 385 MW gas-fired combined-cycle power plant in Benevento. The decree was signed by the director general for nuclear power, renewables and efficiency, Sara Romano, on Dec. 21 and is available ...

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