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Apr-May-Jun - 2011


06/23/2011 | Electricity |

Edison, power plants are working at only 35%

With the end of the Cip6 agreements, Edison's power plants are working at only 35% on the average, of their capacity, according to the man in charge of the business unit Energia Elettrica, Carlo Banfi, who spoke at a meeting with the unions. The plants fall into three categories, he explained: “suff ...

06/16/2011 | Electricity |

Serbian coal plant, Edison sole competitor

Edison may sign a preliminary contract on June 21 with Elektroprivreda Srbije to complete work on the coal-fired power plant Kolubara B. The report comes from the newspaper Politika, quoting Petar Skundric, a counselor of Serbia's premier. Edison is the only company left in the competition (see SN n. 22 2009), and it has offered to build 750 MW, instead of the initial 700, in ...

06/09/2011 | Electricity |

Fuel mix disclosure/1, Gse portal for foreign guarantees

Beginning on May 30, 2011, the Energy Services Manager Gse site has become a portal for guarantees of foreign origin for the purposes of transparency on the source of power put on the market (fuel mix disclosure). The Gse statement explains that operators who may operate on this platform are importe ...

06/09/2011 | Electricity |

Fuel mix disclosure/2, fifteen-day extension for producers

The Energy Services Manager Gse has informed power generators that the period for the obligation of communicating registration data and the fuel mix disclosure has been extended to June 15. A Gse note observes that the communication is obligatory for a series of plants with some exceptions related t ...

06/09/2011 | Electricity |

Porto Tolle, Conti: “the project is valid”

“We are tenacious and stubborn. We think we have a good project responding to all the requirements of law and all the requests for improvement of the project. The project is valid; we will have to take it up again and demonstrate to the judicial authority that there is no risk, no violation of the r ...

06/03/2011 | Electricity |

Nuclear power, security agency created

Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 124 of May 30 has published a note affirming that the prime minister's office has created the nuclear security agency.
With the decree of the President of the Republic 11 February 2011, registered at the Audits Court on April 15, the note states that the nuclear security ...

06/03/2011 | Electricity |

Porto Tolle, twelve persons under investigation

Twelve people have been registered for investigation by the Rovigo prosecutor's office in the inquest concerning the conversion to coal of Enel's Porto Tolle power plant, begun in January 2010 (see SN n. 21 2011). The accusation is of corruption on the part of seven members of the national integrated environmental assessment commission and three of the regional one, along wit ...


05/26/2011 | Electricity |

Porto Tolle, Council of State annuls environmental assessment decree

The integrated environmental assessment decree of July 29, 2009, with which the Environment Ministry gave a thumbs up to the conversion to coal of the Enel power plant in Porto Tolle, has been annulled (see SN n. 2 2011). The Council of State accepted the recourse presented by Wwf, Greenpeace, Italia Nostra, tourist operators and citizens. The project was to entail an investm ...

05/19/2011 | Electricity |

Nuclear power, emphatic “no” in the Sardinian referendum

Over 97% of the 59.49% of the voters who showed up at the polls for the referendum on nuclear power in Sardinia last week were against installation of nuclear power plants or of nuclear waste storage facilities on the island. The president of the region, Ugo Cappellacci, said it was a grand demonstr ...


04/28/2011 | Electricity |

Sarlux shut down “for a few weeks”

The shutdown for maintenance of the Saras combined cycle power plant in Sarroch, in the province of Cagliari, will last for some weeks. Last week the shutdown provoked a rise of almost 20% in the price of energy on the island. The closure of the Cip6 Sarlux plant is intended to make possible a ten-y ...

04/21/2011 | Electricity |

Nuclear power, government cleans slate

The executive branch has presented an amendment to the omnibus decree law which cancels in its entirety existing legislation on relaunching nuclear power in Italy (see SN n. 13 2011). This will also make pointless the referendum to abrogate the renewal of nuclear power efforts. Economy minister Giulio Tremonti has meanwhile expressed strong criticism of nuclear plants because ...

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