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Jul-Aug-Sep - 2011


09/22/2011 | Electricity |

Energy Authority, urgent consultations on “virtual saturation” of electricity networks

The Energy Authority has published a consultation document (DCO 37/11, available as an attachment) with a short deadline (Oct. 17, 2011), concerning new mechanisms to resolve the problem of the virtual saturation of the electricity networks caused by the high number of requests to reserve capacity, ...

09/15/2011 | Electricity |

Cogeneration, Economic Development Ministry publishes two decrees

The Economic Development Ministry has published two decrees on cogeneration. The first defines criteria for recognition of high yield cogeneration and was signed Aug. 4. The second concerns incentives and bears the date of Sept. 5. Both decrees may be read as attachments on the Staffetta website. ...

09/15/2011 | Electricity |

Sardinia, Enel-E.On Produzione's power sales in 2012

Enel and E.On Produzione have once again opened the procedures for allocation of differential contracts to a type of virtual power plant (VPP) for their power production in Sardinia, under Development Law 99/09, a measure replacing the incentive rates for business customers on the island, rates whi ...

09/01/2011 | Electricity |

Torre Nord (Enel), fire put out

At the end of last week the fire which struck the Torrevaldaliga Nord power plant in Civitavecchia was put out, Enel announced, by the firemen and the company's own anti-fire team. The fire was started when a transformer overheated, but caused no damage to persons nor did it pose a risk to health, a ...


08/04/2011 | Electricity |

Veneto power plant conversion project moves forward

Veneto's regional council has approved the modification of art. 30 of regional law n. 36 of 1997, which created the natural park of the Po Delta, to make it possible to convert Enel's Porto Tolle power plant to coal, a conversion that had been blocked by the Council of State. At the same time, the r ...


07/28/2011 | Electricity |

Authorization granted to Italy-Montenegro power line

The Economic Development Ministry has granted Terna authorization to build the power cable “Villanova-Tivat” to link Italy and Montenegro. Undersecretary Stefano Saglia explains that “the Italy-Montenegro power link is strategic for our country because it contributes to strengthen our role as energy ...

07/28/2011 | Electricity |

Alcoa, the European Court rejects recourse on incentive rates

The EU Court of Justice has rejected Alcoa's recourse against the 2009 resolution of the European Commission, which declared that the extension of incentives through special electricity rates granted in 2005 by Italy to the US aluminum company and other energy-intense industries was illegal (see SN n. 13 2011).
Alcoa owns two aluminum production plants in Portovesme (Cag ...

07/28/2011 | Electricity |

Enel Ogk-5, Urals power plant expanded

Enel Ogk-5 has started up the 410 MW combined-cycle gas-fueled power plant in Sredneuralskaya near Ekaterinburg in the Urals region. The company notes that this is the second Enel plant built in Russia, and is in line with Enel's plan to increase capacity and environmental compatibility. ...

07/28/2011 | Electricity |

Brindisi: authorization for Enel, postponement for Edipower

The decisive meeting of the services conference last week approved giving the integrated environmental authorization to the thermoelectric power plant Federico II in Cerano, which now awaits the signature of the environment minister. Edipower's request was instead put off, because of problems relate ...

07/21/2011 | Electricity |

Edison/2, ok for Presenzano power plant

The Economic Development Ministry has given final authorization to Edison for construction of an 810 MW natural gas combined-cycle power plant in Presenzano, in the province of Caserta. The July 14 decree, signed by director general Sara Romano, is available as an attachment on the Staffetta website ...

07/21/2011 | Electricity |

Vado Ligure power plant, services conference ok

The services conference gave its go-ahead to the new 460 MW group of the Tirreno Power plant in Vado Ligure. Tirreno Power, the region of Liguria reports, has accepted the conditions imposed by the governing board for construction of the new coal-fired group. It can be built, after having obtained i ...

07/07/2011 | Electricity |

Electricity bourse: in 2010 spread with EU falls to 17 euros

After the crash of 2009, the price quoted on the day-ahead market of the energy market manager GME (PUN) has been stable at an average of 64.12 €/MWh, with an increase of 0.6%, distinctly lower than what other European spot bourses registered (up an average of 10-15% on Epex and 51% on NordPoolSpot) ...

07/07/2011 | Electricity |

Porto Tolle, budget bill unblocks conversion to coal project

The current budget bill, which has not yet received final approval, has two paragraphs, 8 and 9, in article 35 which neutralize the regional law making it possible for the Council of State to block the conversion of the Enel power plant of Porto Tolle to coal. Paragraph 8 states that conversion of p ...

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