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Oct-Nov-Dec - 2011


12/22/2011 | Electricity |

GE, upgrade of E.On's Trapani power plant

The Trapani power plant belonging to E.On is to be upgraded, General Electric (GE) announced last week in Milan during an event where the vice president of the region of Lombardy, Andrea Gibelli, and the Ceos of GE Italia and E.On Italia, Sandro De Poli and Miguel Antoñanzas, were present. A communi ...

12/22/2011 | Electricity |

Alerion, 58 MW authorized in Romania

Alerion Clean Power, through its subsidiary Compania Eoliana, has obtained authorization to construct a wind farm in Jimbolia in Romania. The farm will have an installed capacity of 58 MW and when fully operative will generate 130 GWh/year. ...

12/15/2011 | Electricity |

Terna, battery sales competition begins

Terna has published competition rules for the purchase of 130 MW of batteries. Their purpose is to reduce the negative effects on the grid of increased generation from renewable resources in the south. The batteries must be able to store electricity for at least 6 consecutive hours and provide a min ...

12/15/2011 | Electricity |

Electricity: demand is slowing (-1.9%)

In November, demand for electric power in Italy was 27.1bn kWh, down1.9% from November 2010. Terna's monthly report noted that the trend of the last few months suggests an “incipient slowdown”. Taking into account the factor of temperature, the November variation drops 2.0%. the month had the same n ...

12/15/2011 | Electricity |

Nimby Forum: one out of three projects abandoned

One out of three plants (31%) has been abandoned by proponents (+8% compared to data of the year before) while 47% of the projects made not a single step forward in the course of the whole of 2010 (+ 13% compared to the year before). The report comes from the Osservatorio Media Nimby Forum®, databas ...

12/01/2011 | Electricity |

Adria Link, agreement with Slovenian partners

Adria Link, the company held equally by Enel Produzione, Acegas-Aps and Tei Energy, owner of two merchant line projects with Slovenia, (Zaule -Dekani and Redipuglia–Vrtojba), has signed an agreement for construction of infrastructures with its Slovenian partners Holding Slovenske Elektrarne, the mai ...


11/24/2011 | Electricity |

Electricity, new Mediterranean grid association

A week ago Thursday saw the birth of Metso, the Mediterranean Transmission System Operators association of the grid operators of the countries around the Mediterranean. The news comes from Terna, Italy's grid operator, who has promoted the initiative along with Tunisia's Steg and Algeria's Sonelgaz. ...

11/17/2011 | Electricity |

Electricity, decree on imports in 2012

Before leaving the ministry, economic development minister Paolo Romani signed the decree defining the modalities and conditions for importing electrical power for the year 2012. In his statement on Sunday, undersecretary Saglia reported that the decree sets up recourse to “competition procedures wi ...


10/27/2011 | Electricity |

Porto Tolle, Veneto region makes recourse to the Council of State

The region of Veneto has asked the Council of State in a recourse to revoke the May 17 sentence annulling the Eia decree for converting the Enel Porto Tolle power plant to coal. The report comes from Radiocor. The next step is setting the date of the hearing which will take place before the sixth se ...

10/27/2011 | Electricity |

Power line to Montenegro, competition annulled, renewed

Terna annulled and then republished the call for tenders for supplies for the planned power cable for Montenegro. The competition was launched in January (see SN n. 3 2011), but recently annulled because, the press communiqué affirmed, it was “considered incomplete”. The new call for tenders is dated Oct. 13 and was published in GUCE on Oct. 15, with a deadline for proposals ...

10/20/2011 | Electricity |

Power lines, authorization for Malta-Italy link requested

With a paid announcement in the press, Enemalta, the Maltese electricity company, reports that it has requested the Economic Development and Environmental ministries for authorization to build and operate a high-voltage power line between Malta and Italy, as well as a pronouncement of environmental ...

10/20/2011 | Electricity |

Indonesia, Imesa supplies power stations to Saipem site

Imesa, a Schiavoni affiliate, has completed supplying Saipem with 26 stations that will provide electricity to the construction site on the island of Karimun in Indonesia, which covers 920,000 m2. Twenty fixed stations and six mobile ones – containers easily transported with the technical apparatus ...

10/06/2011 | Electricity |

EU, new Eia for Porto Tolle

There will soon be a new environmental impact assessment (Eia) for the coal-fired Enel power plant in Porto Tolle, according to EU environment commissioner Janez Potocnik, who was answering European parliamentarian Rita Borsellino's query about a possible intervention of the EU to insure that Europe ...

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