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Jan-Feb-Mar - 2012


03/22/2012 | Electricity |

Electric cars, Enel and Renault join forces

Enel and Renault are joining forces to develop electric vehicles. Thanks to the interaction of the respective control systems, an advanced model of dialogue between the vehicle and recharging system is taking form. “The new service, integrated with the Renault Carminat TomTom Z.E. Live navigation sy ...

03/22/2012 | Electricity |

Ccgt power plant in Taranto, Eni annuls competition

Eni has called off four competitions announced in 2010 for construction of a 240 MW combined cycle power plant on the site of its Taranto refinery. The refinery project entailed increasing capacity; revocation of the competition was not followed by any hypothesis of a resumption. Eni's four competit ...

03/22/2012 | Electricity |

Ansaldo Energia, new orders worth 62mn

Ansaldo Energia has won a contract in Spain worth about 42mn euros for maintenance of the combined-cycle thermoelectric plants of Escatron and Algeciras, belonging to E.On Generacion, the Spanish branch of E.On. The contract has a nine-year duration, and entails, in addition to services and parts fo ...

03/08/2012 | Electricity |

Geothermal power, record production for Tuscany in 2011

Geothermal power continues to score records in Tuscany: in 2011, Enel Green Power's 33 geothermal plants in the provinces of Pisa, Grosseto and Siena produced 5,300 GWh, beating the former record of 5,232 GWh in 2007. The electricity generated by the Tuscan plants met 26% of regional power demand in ...


02/23/2012 | Electricity |

Carbosulcis, EU ok for integrated project

The European Commission has given its approval to the integrated mine-power plant-CCS project of Carbosulcis, Sardinia's governor, Ugo Cappellacci, announced after a meeting with European competition commissioner, Joaquim Almunia. The project entails a new 450 MW power plant integrated with the Nura ...

02/23/2012 | Electricity |

Rossano, coal conversion project shelved

After the rejections of the environmental impact evaluation commission and the region of Calabria (see SN n. 42 2010), Enel did not renew its request for an environmental impact evaluation for the conversion to coal of the Rossano power plant. The shelving of the project was announced by the Environment Ministry. Enel says that the project would have entailed a 1.2bn euro inv ...

02/16/2012 | Electricity |

Electricity exchange, PUN price record effect of export

The peak prices in France, where the recent cold spell drove up power consumption, had an effect on the Italian market as well: in the sixth week of 2012 the average national single price (PUN) reached a record 111.70 euro/MWh, an increase of 33.8% over the week before. Last week, record French dema ...

02/16/2012 | Electricity |

Enel, fuel oil power plants: 2,500 MW last week

With the government's allowance of fuel oil power generation to meet the emergency created by cold weather, with natural gas supplies from Russia and the north limited, after the Enel thermoelectric plants of Livorno and Piombino began functioning on fuel oil, for a total of 980 MW, some groups of t ...

02/16/2012 | Electricity |

Power consumption, daily peaks below average

While low temperatures boosted natural gas usage to record levels, electricity consumption seems still within the normal range. Peak usage remained below January 2011 and 2010 levels, which were about 52,000 MW. The daily balances published by Terna show that in recent days demand never exceeded 50, ...

02/16/2012 | Electricity |

State aid to electricity, Italy deferred to Court of Justice

The European Commission has deferred Italy to the Court of Justice for having failed to respect a decision of the commission handed down on Feb. 23, 2011 which noted the incompatibility with EU norms of the special electricity rates granted by Italy to metal producers Portovesme, ILA and Eurallumina ...

02/02/2012 | Electricity |

Biomass, 100mn Economic Development Ministry financing

From March 19 to April 17, it will be possible to make application for financing of projects in the biomass supply chain. The competion phases will be managed by Invitalia. Objects of the financing include the production of energy through cogeneration and trigeneration plants fed by wood biomass, li ...

02/02/2012 | Electricity |

Porto Tolle, Enel: authorization procedure goes forward

Enel has announced that the recourse of the region of Veneto to the Council of State concerning the Porto Tolle authorization will not in any way interrupt company activities necessary for new authorizations for the conversion of the plant. Its statement adds that Enel hopes for a definitive council ...

02/02/2012 | Electricity |

Sorgent.e, Chile hydroelectric plant inaugurated

Sorgent.e has announced that in Mariposas in Chile its second hydroelectric plant has been inaugurated, with the presence of Daniele Boscolo Meneguolo, Ceo of the Padua company, as well as Chilean energy minister Rodrigo Alvarez and Italy's ambassador, Vincenzo Palladino.
The 6.5 MW plant cost ...

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