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Apr-May-Jun - 2012


06/28/2012 | Electricity |

E.On, Ostiglia improvement program begins

E.On has started development of a fuel burning control system for its power plant in Ostiglia (Mantua). The project is being executed with General Electric which produced the turbines now in the power plant. Its aim is to increase efficiency and reduce pollution, increasing the efficiency of the 9FA ...

06/28/2012 | Electricity |

Hydroelectric, Egp to realize 8 MW group in Piacenza

Enel Green Power intends to construct a new 8.38 MW hydroelectric plant on the Po at Isola Serafini in the municipal territory of Monticelli D'Ongina (Piacenza), which will take into account the so-called “minimal vital flow”. The project will be integrated with the already existing 57.5 MW one. Pla ...

06/28/2012 | Electricity |

Espe, new hydroelectric plant in Romania (9.8 MW)

Espe Energy System Integrator, a renewable resources operator in the Veneto region, is building a new hydroelectric plant in Romania for 9.8 MW. A company statement reports that the plant will be located in the Maramures region and will provide clean energy to over 10,000 households, thanks to a 23m ...

06/21/2012 | Electricity |

Electricity, Antitrust fines three operators

The Antitrust Authority on May 30 ruled that Repower Italia, Egl Italia and Tirreno Power acted on an agreement to restrain competition concerning implementing technical demands of the grid operator Terna in the market in the region of Campania. The fines are 106,156 euros for Repower Italia, 116,09 ...


05/17/2012 | Electricity |

Fiume Santo, E.On conversion shelved

E.On does not see a justification for realization of a new 410 MW coal-fired group at the Fiume Santo power plant, according to an April 23 letter published by the SassariNotizie website. E.On has asked for a 36-month extension of the deadline so as to evaluate the investment, but meanwhile the powe ...

05/10/2012 | Electricity |

Mediterranean grids, Med-Tso takes form

After its official creation on April 19, 2012, with the signing of the founding document by Terna chairman Luigi Roth, the association of the Mediterranean area's mid-eastern and North-African grid operators is taking form. It was presented at the conference on “Multilateral cooperation for the inte ...

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