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Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg
Jan-Feb-Mar - 2013

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03/28/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Scaroni, US will export Lng to Europe

The United States is about to export liquid gas to Europe in the wake of the shale gas revolution which has rendered the country independent as far as this raw material is concerned. That is why Eni has the obligation of reviewing all its natural gas take or pay contracts with producing countries. P ...

03/18/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Natural gas competition, Antitrust focusing on Acegas-Italgas alliance

In its March 5 meeting, the Antitrust Authority launched an investigation to verify if the transfer of joint control of Isontina Rete Gas (IRG), from Eni and Acegas-Aps to Italgas and Acegas-Aps (Hera group) may have effects limiting competition in future contests for gas distribution in six small c ...

03/18/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Natural gas, Ministry decree for forward market

With a decree dated March 6, economic development minister Corrado Passera has approved the code for the new natural gas forward market, to be managed by the energy market manager Gme, as provided for under development law 99/09. The decree may be seen as an attachment on the Staffetta website along ...

03/18/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Gas, flow from Libya moving again

On March 9, natural gas from Libya began to flow to Italy again. It had been interrupted on March 2 after armed conflict had broken out in the area of the Mellitah plant (see SN n. 9 2013). The preliminary financial report of Snam indicated a flow of 13.1mn m3 in the face of a demand of 15.7 on Saturday and then on Sunday an apparent return to normality, with a 12.7mn m3 supplied in the face of an identical demand. ...

03/07/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Natural gas, consumption in February -18.4%

A particularly negative -18.4% was registered for natural gas consumption in Italy in February with demand sharply down in thermoelectric and industrial consumption, also because February 2012 was “anomalous”: 29 days rather than 28 and very cold weather. The data comes from Staffetta's monthly natu ...

03/07/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Natural gas, flow from Libya still interrupted

The flow of natural gas through the Greenstream pipeline from Libya is still interrupted, following armed conflict last Saturday, which induced Eni and Noc to shut down their plants. The plants were started up again Sunday and Monday, but are not yet exporting: Eni has announced they will resume exp ...

03/07/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Tap pipeline, Energy Authority okays third-party-access exemption

The Energy Authority has granted a preliminary permit for third-party-access (Tpa) exemption for the natural gas pipeline Transadriatico Tap, as announced by its chairman Guido Bortoni at Staffetta's Feb. 19 seminar.
Pipeline partners Statoil, Axpo and E.On Ruhrgas requested the exemption from ...

03/07/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Tap pipeline, decree ratifies agreement

The Italian cabinet has approved a bill for ratification of the agreement between Albania, Greece and Italy on the “Trans Adriatic Pipeline” project stipulated in Athens on Feb. 13. Ratification will make possible implementation of the agreement the three countries signed in New York on Sept. 27, 20 ...

03/07/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Natural gas guarantees, Snam confirms: 400mn unpaid

“Some users” of the balancing market “operated by selling large quantities of gas getting supplies from the balancing market, not paying the amount owed and therefore accumulating a significant debt with Snam Rete Gas which reached in the course of the year the figure of 400mn euros”. The informatio ...

03/07/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Natural gas balancing, Snam blocks Energy T.I. Suisse

Snam Rete Gas has ended its transport contract with Energy Trading International Suisse SA, the Swiss branch of Energy Trading International Spa, because of that company's alleged behavior “elusive of correct behavior at delivery points”. The phrase is that of resolution 89/2013/R/gas, published las ...


02/28/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Natural gas bills, a “hole” of €430mn

Il Corriere della Sera Sale has reported that the “hole” in Snam's accounts have risen to 430mn euros, including 30mn related to false bank guarantees, the amount of bills not paid to Snam in the context of balancing, a burden which risks being transmitted to customers' bills (in part this is alread ...

02/21/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Gas storage reform, only 50% of capacity auctioned

This year only half of the capacity for natural gas storage will be put up for auction – 2.5bn m3 for seasonal modulation linked to domestic consumption and 1.7bn m3 with a “flat” profile for industry and thermoelectric uses – rather than the 100% announced by the Economic Development Ministry on Ja ...

02/21/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Gas, Falcione's Albania-Italy pipeline to be part of Italian network

The Economic Development Ministry has included in Italy's national natural gas pipeline network the sections of the Albania-Italy pipeline planned by the Falcione group. This infrastructure aims at linking Italy with the Albanian coast, where the company earlier announced its plan for an 8bn m3 a ye ...

02/14/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

France, Total chooses Snam to take over gas network

Consortium with Edf and Singapore sovereign fund

Total is negotiating the sale of its natural gas subsidiary Tigf exclusively with the consortium made up of Snam (45%), Edf (20%) and the sovereign fund of Singapore Gic (35%), which presented an offer of 2.4bn euros. The announcement was made in Paris Tuesday afternoon by the president and director ...


01/31/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Tauern the Germany-Italy gas pipeline, looking for new partners

The partners of the Tauern Gasleitung company promoting an 11.4bn m3 a year pipeline between Germany and Italy, will soon publish the procedure for a competition for selecting new partners. A Tgl Gmbh statement explains that the partners, who aim to link Haiming, in Bavaria, with the Austrian border ...

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