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- 2013

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03/28/2013 | Companies |

TotalErg, securitization for 200mn

TotalErg has completed a securitization of 200mn euros of trade receivables for 200mn euros. The company announcement specifies that the transaction provides for their assignment on a revolving basis for a five-year duration, and refinances the preceding 150mn euro securitization carried out by Erg ...

03/28/2013 | Companies |

Acea: Paolo Gallo's in, Marco Staderini's out

The lists of candidates for the Acea board of directors and board of auditors in view of the shareholders meeting on April 15, or April 22 in second call, have been presented. Majority shareholder Roma Capitale has put up the following individuals: Giancarlo Cremonesi (current chairman), Antonella I ...

03/28/2013 | Companies |

Saras: more Ebitda, low investments

Closing with Rosneft imminent

Increased energy and operational efficiency; pursuit of new commercial opportunities; no investments in growth (“they have already been made”) but only for maintaining plants that are perfectly operational and safe; an increase in Ebitda by 2015 of 60-80mn euros thanks to a series of “Focus” initiat ...

03/21/2013 | Companies | G.P.

Snam: we are investing to become a hub

Natural gas consumption up again from 2017

Snam's investments in its business plan aim to increase liquidity and flexibility in the national market, where consumption should pick up again in 2017, and to make Italy a hub for natural gas transit toward European markets. Ceo Carlo Malacarne, speaking of the company's strategy in London for the ...

03/21/2013 | Companies | G.P.

Eni, investments for 56.8bn

Production 2.5mn b/d in 2022

Production of hydrocarbons up 4% a year with the goal of reaching 2.5mn b/d in 2022, return to sustainable profitability in Gas&Power thanks to the renegotiation of supply contracts, of which 80% is already underway, optimization and efficiency in Refining&Marketing, with an equal improvement in Ebi ...

03/21/2013 | Companies |

Enel, net income in 2012 at 865mn mark after Endesa write-down

Enel's board of directors has approved the firm's 2012 results, which closed with a net income of 865mn after the company's write-downs of 2.575bn, of which 2.392bn related to Endesa's activities in Iberia. Net of non-recurring items, the group's net ordinary income was 3.455bn, down 14.9%. Revenues ...

03/21/2013 | Companies |

Terna: net profit 2012 +5.5%

The board of directors of Terna has approved the 2012 results which show a profit of 464mn (+5.5% compared to 2011). The company reports that the board will propose a dividend of 20 cents (21 in 2011), of which 7 already paid interim, with 13 due in June. Revenues grew 10.4% to 1.806bn and Ebitda 13 ...

03/18/2013 | Companies |

Erg: profitable again in 2012, dividend €0.4

Erg ended its fourth quarter of 2012 with a net result at replacement cost of 10mn euros, up from the 17mn loss of the same quarter of 2011. Consolidated Ebitda, a company press release reports, was 128mn, more than double compared to the 55mn of the same period of 2011. In the whole fiscal year of ...

03/18/2013 | Companies |

Acea, water boosts Ebitda – Antitrust fine reduces profit

Acea ended 2012 with an increase in Ebitda pro forma of 7.3% to 703.5mn euros, due mainly to the water business up because of rate increases and the good performance of the environment sector. Net profit was reduced by confirmation of the Antitrust Authority fine of 2007 for 8.3mn: -10% to 77.4mn (- ...

03/18/2013 | Companies |

Egp: profits up in 2012 – Strategic plan moves forward

Enel Green Power closed 2012 with net consolidated income of 413mn (+1.2% compared to 2011, +4.6% net of non-recurring items and value adjustments in 2011), total revenues of 2.68bn (+6.4% e +14.6% net of non-recurring items in 2011), Ebitda at 1.678bn (+6%, +19.7%). Ceo Francesco Starace commented ...

03/18/2013 | Companies |

Sorgenia, write-downs for 134mn weigh on 2012 profit

Sorgenia, the utility controlled by Cir (52.9%) with the participation of Austria's Verbund, ended 2012 in the red for 196.8mn euros. What weighed down the profit, which in 2011 was +15.5mn, were above all write-downs of 134.3mn, of which 44.3 in the conventional generation sector, 64mn in wind powe ...

03/18/2013 | Companies |

Snam owed over €1 billion in unpaid fees

Over a billion euros of bills not paid on the balancing market (of which 400mn registered earlier) and unpaid penalties for withdrawals from strategic reserves, another 600mn. This is the cost of the unpaid fees of some operators using the balancing service in the course of this last year, according ...

03/18/2013 | Companies |

Saras: Greco resigns from board

Mario Greco has resigned from the board of administration of Saras because “of the considerable commitment demanded of him in the process of reorganization of the Generali group”, Saras reports. Greco, non-executive independent director, is leaving all his positions in various committees. The compan ...

03/18/2013 | Companies |

Edison, prize for gas arbitration success

Edison has won the prize for best legal team at the European Counsel Awards (Litigation category) for the team's excellence in renegotiation and in international arbitration procedures concerning the price of natural gas set in long-term contracts. In a ceremony in London last Monday, the prize was ...

03/07/2013 | Companies |

Snam, local distribution boosts 2012 data

Snam ended 2012 with revenues up 11.6% to 3.621bn euros, an adjusted net profit of 992mn up 1.4% and an operating profit of 2.111bn, up 153mn or 7.8% principally thanks to local natural gas distribution operations (+138mn or + 24.7%) and to a lesser degree, to storage (+15mn or +5.9%) while transpor ...

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Pagna Successiva (2)

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