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03/18/2013 | Energy Policy and Tariffs |

Economic ministry on Fitch rating

Regarding the Fitch rating on Italian economic situation, issued at the beginning of March, the Economic Ministry has underlined in the press release dated March 8 that several positive features are recognised in the present Italian situation, namely that :
- Italy has progressed substantially ...

03/18/2013 | Companies |

Erg: profitable again in 2012, dividend €0.4

Erg ended its fourth quarter of 2012 with a net result at replacement cost of 10mn euros, up from the 17mn loss of the same quarter of 2011. Consolidated Ebitda, a company press release reports, was 128mn, more than double compared to the 55mn of the same period of 2011. In the whole fiscal year of ...

03/18/2013 | Companies |

Acea, water boosts Ebitda – Antitrust fine reduces profit

Acea ended 2012 with an increase in Ebitda pro forma of 7.3% to 703.5mn euros, due mainly to the water business up because of rate increases and the good performance of the environment sector. Net profit was reduced by confirmation of the Antitrust Authority fine of 2007 for 8.3mn: -10% to 77.4mn (- ...

03/18/2013 | Companies |

Egp: profits up in 2012 – Strategic plan moves forward

Enel Green Power closed 2012 with net consolidated income of 413mn (+1.2% compared to 2011, +4.6% net of non-recurring items and value adjustments in 2011), total revenues of 2.68bn (+6.4% e +14.6% net of non-recurring items in 2011), Ebitda at 1.678bn (+6%, +19.7%). Ceo Francesco Starace commented ...

03/18/2013 | Companies |

Sorgenia, write-downs for 134mn weigh on 2012 profit

Sorgenia, the utility controlled by Cir (52.9%) with the participation of Austria's Verbund, ended 2012 in the red for 196.8mn euros. What weighed down the profit, which in 2011 was +15.5mn, were above all write-downs of 134.3mn, of which 44.3 in the conventional generation sector, 64mn in wind powe ...

03/18/2013 | Companies |

Snam owed over €1 billion in unpaid fees

Over a billion euros of bills not paid on the balancing market (of which 400mn registered earlier) and unpaid penalties for withdrawals from strategic reserves, another 600mn. This is the cost of the unpaid fees of some operators using the balancing service in the course of this last year, according ...

03/18/2013 | Companies |

Saras: Greco resigns from board

Mario Greco has resigned from the board of administration of Saras because “of the considerable commitment demanded of him in the process of reorganization of the Generali group”, Saras reports. Greco, non-executive independent director, is leaving all his positions in various committees. The compan ...

03/18/2013 | Companies |

Edison, prize for gas arbitration success

Edison has won the prize for best legal team at the European Counsel Awards (Litigation category) for the team's excellence in renegotiation and in international arbitration procedures concerning the price of natural gas set in long-term contracts. In a ceremony in London last Monday, the prize was ...

03/18/2013 | Contracts |

Alstom Grid Italia, Chinese contract

Alstom Grid has won an order from the State Grid Corporation of China (Sgcc), one of the main Chinese electrical utilities, to supply through-wall bushings for the Xiluodu-Zhexi ±800 kV line. A company press release explains that this Ultra High Voltage Direct Current (UHVDC) line will transport pow ...

03/18/2013 | Contracts |

Saipem, new contracts for $1.1bn

Saipem has announced that it has signed new E&C offshore contracts in North Africa and West Africa for a total of $1.1bn. In Egypt, Saipem has been awarded by Burullus Gas Company a contract for the development of the West Delta Deep Marine Phase IXa Project about 90 km off the Mediterranean Coast o ...

03/18/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Natural gas competition, Antitrust focusing on Acegas-Italgas alliance

In its March 5 meeting, the Antitrust Authority launched an investigation to verify if the transfer of joint control of Isontina Rete Gas (IRG), from Eni and Acegas-Aps to Italgas and Acegas-Aps (Hera group) may have effects limiting competition in future contests for gas distribution in six small c ...

03/18/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Natural gas, Ministry decree for forward market

With a decree dated March 6, economic development minister Corrado Passera has approved the code for the new natural gas forward market, to be managed by the energy market manager Gme, as provided for under development law 99/09. The decree may be seen as an attachment on the Staffetta website along ...

03/18/2013 | Natural Gas - Lng - Lpg |

Gas, flow from Libya moving again

On March 9, natural gas from Libya began to flow to Italy again. It had been interrupted on March 2 after armed conflict had broken out in the area of the Mellitah plant (see SN n. 9 2013). The preliminary financial report of Snam indicated a flow of 13.1mn m3 in the face of a demand of 15.7 on Saturday and then on Sunday an apparent return to normality, with a 12.7mn m3 supp ...

03/18/2013 | PDF Editions |

Staffetta News N. 10

March 18, 2013

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